John Calvin

Standard Name: Calvin, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Rose Hickman
Anne Locke was the first translator of John Calvin into English, and probably author of the first sonnet sequence in English. The sisters-in-law were close both intellectually and emotionally, and corresponded when they were living...
Friends, Associates Anne Locke
AL was also a friend of Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk (who shared her religious exile in Geneva before moving on to Lithuania), and of Catherine Killigrew, née Cooke . Her later collaboration with Killigrew...
Material Conditions of Writing Anne Locke
Someone entered in the Stationers' RegisterAL 's English versions of four sermons by John Calvin on the 38th chapter of Isaiah, printed that year with her initials, dedication, and sonnets expanding a psalm.
Cox, Michael, editor. The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Oxford University Press.
Textual Features Brilliana, Lady Harley
It reflects her theological interests, containing—for instance—paraphrases from Calvin 's Institutes of the Christian Religion, from works by William Perkins , and the sermons of the local vicar.
Eales, Jacqueline. Puritans and Roundheads. Cambridge University Press.
25, 43, 49
She translated part...
Textual Features Brilliana, Lady Harley
The letters of this correspondence, even more verbally demonstrative than those to her husband, also teem with good advice about diet, exercise, and learning. When her son arrives at university, BLH urges him to read...
Textual Features Lucy Hutchinson
The first five cantos of this poem in rhyming couplets (all that was printed in 1679) cover the first three chapters of the book of Genesis, ending with a firm gesture of closure. Meditations...
Textual Features Anne Locke
AL 's title-page quotes from Saint Paul 's Epistle to the Romans: The spirit beareth witnesse to our spirit that wee are the sons of God . . . . The sentence goes on...
Textual Features Susanna Watts
Ephemera of all kinds have been bound in: family anecdotes, a letter of William Cowper of 1788, a Hindu Primer (or alphabet), a railway ticket of 1839, women's parliamentary petitions against slavery of 1833 (one...
Textual Production Catherine Carswell
At the time of her death, CC was researching a biography of Calvin and had been engaged to help Susan Tweedsmuir on the sorting of John Buchan 's papers. Carswell's work on the papers formed...
Textual Production Queen Elizabeth I
In her early teens Elizabeth (like her contemporary Jane Lumley ) often presented translations she had made as new year's gifts to members of her family. The writers whom she rendered into English included champions...
Textual Production Lucy Hutchinson
In about 1667-8 LH wrote notes from Calvin 's Institutes (planning a study of them), and recorded her opinions on theological topics like church governance, baptism (as child or adult), predestination, self-examination, perfectibility (which she...


1536: John Calvin, who became the single greatest...

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John Calvin , who became the single greatest influence on the Reform movement, published The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

21 July 1542: Pope Paul III revived the medieval inquisition...

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21 July 1542

Pope Paul III revived the medieval inquisition to counter the threat posed to Roman Catholicism by the new Protestant thinking of Martin Luther and John Calvin .

30 September 1770: Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield...

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30 September 1770

Charismatic evangelist George Whitefield died at Newburyport, near Boston, Massachusetts.


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