Katherine Brandon Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk

Standard Name: Suffolk, Katherine Brandon Willoughby,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk


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Education Aemilia Lanyer
AL grew up partly in the household of the Countess of Kent , which probably meant humanist instruction in rhetoric and in the classics.
Woods, Susanne, and Aemilia Lanyer. “Introduction”. The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer, Oxford University Press, p. xv - li.
The countess had kept her title, according to custom, although...
Family and Intimate relationships Katherine Parr
She developed fever three days after the birth. Shortly before she died, she was lucid enough to dictate her will. The Duchess of Suffolk took the baby to bring up at her own expense. KP
Friends, Associates Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
Her family networks, too, were Protestant. Her parents were close friends and country neighbours of Katherine Brandon Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk (letter-writer, patron of women writers, friend and associate of Katherine Parr ). In 1563...
Friends, Associates Anne Locke
AL was also a friend of Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk (who shared her religious exile in Geneva before moving on to Lithuania), and of Catherine Killigrew, née Cooke . Her later collaboration with Killigrew...
Friends, Associates Katherine Parr
She interested herself in women's bible-studying groups, in which her associates included Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk , Elizabeth, Lady Tyrwhit , and Anne Askew .
Friends, Associates Katherine Parr
Following King Henry VIII's death, a group of Protestant women including Anne Seymour , Mildred Cecil , and Catherine Brandon (Duchess of Suffolk) rivalled KP as female champions of the new religion and the new...
Publishing Katherine Parr
KP 's friend the Duchess of Suffolk helped circulate the first draft copies of The lamentacion of a sinner, made by the most vertuous Ladie, Quene Catern.
Martienssen, Anthony. Queen Katherine Parr. McGraw-Hill.
Textual Features Sarah Green
This novel, a third-person narrative, opens arrestingly—It was a cold, and dreary evening, in the month of October 1548
Green, Sarah. The Royal Exile; or, Victims of Human Passions: An Historical Romance of the Sixteenth Century. J. J. Stockdale.
1: 1
—on the French Count d'Almaile's discovery of a female skeleton in her coffin...
Textual Production Anne Locke
While in exile in Geneva, AL had worked on this rendering of modern and revolutionary material. She had only recently returned to London when her work was recorded in the Stationers' Register . Chapter...


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