Catherine Killigrew

Standard Name: Killigrew, Catherine
Used Form: Catherine Cook
Used Form: Katherine Killigrew


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Bacon
AB 's sister Catherine or Katherine married Sir Henry Killigrew; she too wrote Latin poetry and was admired both as a poet and as a scholar of Latin, Greek, and (allegedly, though no evidence survives)...
Friends, Associates Anne Locke
AL was also a friend of Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk (who shared her religious exile in Geneva before moving on to Lithuania), and of Catherine Killigrew, née Cooke . Her later collaboration with Killigrew...
Publishing Anne Locke
The poem, elegantly transcribed, is contained in a presentation manuscript copy, now in Cambridge University Library, of Giardino cosmografico coltivato in Italian by Bartholo Sylva (who had come to England from Turin). The poem is...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Judith Sargent Murray
She backs this pleasure in modernity with a remarkable grasp of former female history and of the women's literary tradition in English and its contexts. She mentions the Greek foremother Sappho , the patriotic heroism...


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