Anne Locke

Standard Name: Locke, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Vaughan
Married Name: Anne Locke
Pseudonym: A. L.
Married Name: Anne Dering
Married Name: Anne Prowse
Indexed Name: Anne Vaughan Lock
Indexed Name: Anne Vaughan Lok
Indexed Name: Anne Lock Prowse
AL was a translator, during the sixteenth-century Reformation, of two Protestant texts from French into English. Her dedications to these works discuss the current state of the reformed religion to which they contribute. She also wrote letters (now lost) on theological matters, a poem of compliment to the queen that was also a piece of religious-political manoeuvring, and (her most significant work if it is indeed by her) a psalm rendered into verse and expanded into the form of a sonnet sequence—the earliest sonnet sequence in English.


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Family and Intimate relationships Rose Hickman
Anne Locke was the first translator of John Calvin into English, and probably author of the first sonnet sequence in English. The sisters-in-law were close both intellectually and emotionally, and corresponded when they were living...
Family and Intimate relationships Aemilia Lanyer
AL 's mother, Margaret (Johnson) Bassano , was the wife or perhaps common-law wife of AL 's father. She was English, may have been born in London in 1544, and may have been a member...
Friends, Associates Rose Hickman
The Hickmans' London home was frequented by leaders of the new Protestant religious tendency: men like John Knox , Scottish preacher and correspondent of Anne Locke (who knew them from early in Mary's reign, when...
Friends, Associates Rose Hickman
John Knox addressed a letter to the Merchandys WyffisRH and Anne Locke in 1556 (his only known letter to Hickman, though not the only one to Locke), urging them to remove themselves from the...
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Margaret Cunningham
In its later pages her text is more and more taken up with her spiritual life. Having expressed regret that her weak sex hinders her efforts, she adds that in building a wall every stone...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
She went on working at them later, developing her skills as she went on, and doing a great deal of revision. Her critic Gary F. Waller believes that she kept two working drafts simultaneously in...
Literary responses Elizabeth Melvill
Comments on Ane Godlie Dreame, though sparse, have been persistent. John Livingstone recorded that she was famous for her dream anent her spirituall condition.
Baxter, Jamie Reid. “Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross: new light from Fife”. The Innes Review, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 38-77.
John Armstrong in 1770 thought it almost too terrible...
Author summary Lady Mary Wroth
LMW achieved two firsts with a single publication in 1621: the first full-length fiction (a prose romance) to be written in English by a woman and the first sonnet sequence in English by a woman...
Reception Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Contributors included the two editors, her brother Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin, Deirdre Serjeantson, and John Flood ; subjects included Anne Locke among mostly male authors.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Textual Features Mary Fage
MF is a close observer and fulsome celebrator of rank: her dedication opens, Pardon powerfull Princes and potent Potentates, my presumption, in pressing into your presence.
Fage, Mary. Fames Roule. R. Oulton.
Besides the king and queen, she includes the...
Textual Production Anne Bacon
In 1571 AB contributed a poem in Latin to a presentation manuscript (now in Cambridge University Library ) of Giardino cosmografico coltivato by the Italian protestant Giordano Sylva, alongside contributions from her sister Katherine...
Textual Production Katherine Parr
KP is now believed to have translated from SavonarolaA Goodly Exposition, after the manner of a contemplation upon the [fifty-first] psalm: the psalm which begins, Have mercy on me, O God (the same...


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