Brilliana, Lady Harley

Standard Name: Harley, Brilliana,,, Lady
Birth Name: Brilliana Conway
Married Name: Brilliana Harley
Titled: Brilliana, Lady Harley
Indexed Name: Brilliana, Lady Harley
BLH is remembered for her letters, written to her husband and son during a period of nearly twenty years in the mid seventeenth century. She also made translations, chiefly of religious texts, and kept a commonplace-book along similar lines.


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Conway
He was of English and Welsh descent, a large landowner both in England and Ireland, and nephew of the letter-writer Brilliana Harley . His family's royalist allegiance had done them damage, but he energetically...


September 1643: Parliament entered into the Solemn League...

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September 1643

Parliament entered into the Solemn League and Covenant with the Scots, which committed them to accepting the reformed religion (i.e. Presbyterianism ) in Scotland and establishing it in England.

April 1644: The British Parliament passed an act against...

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April 1644

The British Parliament passed an act against a heathenish vanity, generally abused to superstition and wickedness—the erections of maypoles for spring dancing and revelry.


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