Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Standard Name: Lenin, Vladimir Ilich


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Cultural formation Sylvia Pankhurst
SP 's untiring activism began in the women's movement, but unlike her mother or sister she was equally deeply committed to the struggle of the working classes. She embraced labour activism, socialism, Bolshevism, pacifism, anti-fascism...
Friends, Associates Constance Garnett
In 1891 Edward Garnett brought home with him a Russian political exile, Felix Volkhovsky , who encouraged CG , then pregnant, to learn Russian. As a result of this friendship, she and Edward became acquainted...
Friends, Associates Dora Russell
During her time in Moscow she met Emma Goldman and her lover Alexander Berkman , and heard Lenin speak at the Third International Congress .
Russell, Dora. The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
1: 97-8
Literary Setting Angela Carter
Fevvers was hatched from an egg and raised in a brothel, and sold herself into slavery to help her foster family. With the touring circus, she migrates from London to the Siberian wilderness (it turns...
politics Anna Akhmatova
In February of 1917 the unrest in Petrograd reached its extremest point: crowds of workers gathered to protest against food shortages. During these turbulent times, AA was staying at Valeriya Sreznevskaya 's house at a...
politics Constance, Countess Markievicz
Having publicly advocated a police boycott in May 1919, CCM was again arrested and sentenced to four months at Cork Jail . She kept in close contact with her sister Eva Gore-Booth , friend and...
politics Sylvia Pankhurst
SP met with Lenin at a congress in Moscow, where she was persuaded to adopt more pragmatic methods, such as working with Parliament, to achieve social revolution.
Mitchell, David J. The Fighting Pankhursts: A Study in Tenacity. MacMillan.
Romero, Patricia W. E. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical. Yale University Press.
132-5, 139-42
politics Sylvia Pankhurst
Deeply involved in the political struggles among labour groups in Britain between 1917 and 1924, SP was ultimately unsuccessful in achieving her goals. At a June 1920 conference, the Workers' Socialist Federation reconstituted itself as...
Publishing Beatrice Webb
She did the greater part of the archival research and interviewing that went into this work (much of it at great distances from London), since she, unlike Sidney, did not have a full-time paid job...
Textual Features Romer Wilson
The work is often described as epistolary; it is written in the first person, in letters which are varied with sketches that read almost like diary entries.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Shanks, Edward. “Romer Wilson: Some Observations”. The London Mercury, Vol.
, No. 130, pp. 343-9.
Through the letters and sketches of the...
Textual Production Rebecca West
RW published The Birds Fall Down, a political-historical novel which centres on a fictional version of an actual conversation on a train which had a profound effect on Russian politics before Lenin 's rise to power.
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons.
West, Rebecca. The Birds Fall Down. Macmillan.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Dorothy Wellesley
DW revised some of her poems for their appearance here from earlier versions, and again she reshuffled poems from one grouping to another, deliberately ignoring chronology and making their textual history hard to unravel. Lenin...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Carol Rumens
Apart from the diary and the translations, the poems are grouped in three groups and a closing singleton, Persephone in Arcadia (about a girl intoxicated by the promise of early spring, rushing lightly-clothed into the...
Travel Carol Rumens
Far-flung places which have been significant for her poetry include Mexico (which she visited about the time that her marriage was breaking up).
Rumens, Carol. Poems 1968-2004. Bloodaxe Books.
Her first visit to Russia (the Soviet Union) took in Leningrad...
Travel Dorothy Wellesley
DW later wrote that Sackville-West had appeared in her London flat on a Thursday saying, Will you come to Persia on Monday?—to which she answered, Of course.
Wellesley, Dorothy. Far Have I Travelled. James Barrie.
They went with two other friends...


27 May 1703: Peter the Great founded a fortress at a site...

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27 May 1703

Peter the Great founded a fortress at a site on the Baltic Sea chosen for its strategic importance. This grew into the city of St Petersburg (called not after the tsar but after Saints Peter...

1887: Lenin's older brother Alexander Ulyanov was...

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Lenin 's older brother Alexander Ulyanov was hanged after a failed attempt to assassinate Tsar Alexander III .

November 1903: The Russian Social Democratic Party split...

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November 1903

The Russian Social Democratic Party split at its meeting in London into the Boleshiviks (or Bolsheviks ) led by V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky , and the Mensheviks led by Plechanoff .

Late 1917: In the same year that women received the...

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Late 1917

In the same year that women received the right to vote in Russia, Alexandra Kollontai became the first woman government minister in the world when she was appointed the People's Commissioner for Public Welfare...

25 October 1917: The Russian royal family's Winter Palace...

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25 October 1917

The Russian royal family's Winter Palace at St Petersburg was stormed by an angry mob: a defining event in the October Revolution.

3 March 1918: The Bolshevik government of Russia under...

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3 March 1918

The Bolshevik government of Russia under Lenin signed a peace agreement with Germany, bringing Russia's part in the Great War to an end.

Late September, mid-November 1922: Lenin struck a blow against the Russian tradition...

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Late September, mid-November 1922

Lenin struck a blow against the Russian tradition of liberal thinking by deporting from Petrograd (which was to be renamed Leningrad within a year and a half) two shiploads of soft ideological opponents, all but...

From January 1924: Following the death of Lenin, Josef Stalin,...

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From January 1924

Following the death of Lenin , Josef Stalin , who had already achieved great power in the Soviet Communist Party because of Lenin's illness, became its acknowledged leader after a bitter and secret power struggle.

1928: Joseph Stalin, secretary general of the Communist...

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Joseph Stalin , secretary general of the Communist Party 's Central Committee since 1922, began the collectivization of Russian agriculture: in effect a second revolution.

5 March 1953: Joseph Stalin, long-time ruler of the USSR,...

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5 March 1953

Joseph Stalin , long-time ruler of the USSR, died of a stroke; his body was embalmed, and lay in state for three days, during which time crowds massed to view their former leader.


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