Leon Trotsky

Standard Name: Trotsky, Leon


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Friends, Associates Constance Garnett
In 1891 Edward Garnett brought home with him a Russian political exile, Felix Volkhovsky , who encouraged CG , then pregnant, to learn Russian. As a result of this friendship, she and Edward became acquainted...
Literary responses Anna Akhmatova
The critic Boris Eikhenbaum wrote that this book almost created the double image of the heroine—half harlot burning with passion, half nun able to pray to God for forgiveness. In the post-revolutionary period AA was...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rebecca West
Her knowledge of present-day Mexican politics was not enough to save her from over-generalising. But she relates in vivid historical detail the first encounters of the Spanish explorers and colonisers with the native Aztec civilization...


7 November 1879: Leon Trotsky, revolutionary and writer, was...

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7 November 1879

Leon Trotsky , revolutionary and writer, was born in the village of Yanovka in Ukraine.

October 1902: Leon Trotsky, who had earlier escaped from...

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October 1902

Leon Trotsky , who had earlier escaped from a Siberian prison, settled in London.

November 1903: The Russian Social Democratic Party split...

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November 1903

The Russian Social Democratic Party split at its meeting in London into the Boleshiviks (or Bolsheviks ) led by V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky , and the Mensheviks led by Plechanoff .

From January 1924: Following the death of Lenin, Josef Stalin,...

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From January 1924

Following the death of Lenin , Josef Stalin , who had already achieved great power in the Soviet Communist Party because of Lenin's illness, became its acknowledged leader after a bitter and secret power struggle.

1928: Joseph Stalin, secretary general of the Communist...

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Joseph Stalin , secretary general of the Communist Party 's Central Committee since 1922, began the collectivization of Russian agriculture: in effect a second revolution.

20 August 1940: Leon Trotsky, now living with his family...

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20 August 1940

Leon Trotsky , now living with his family in Mexico City, was wounded by a blow to his head from an ice-pick as he sat reading; it was the second assassination attempt on him...


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