Alexander III, Tsar of Russia

Standard Name: Alexander III,, Tsar of Russia


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Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Rigby
During the last few years of ER 's life, British interest in the cruel and autocratic rule of Alexander III of Russia (and in the continual ferment of agitation against it) produced a demand for...


13 March 1881: Tsar Alexander II was assasinated in St Petersburg...

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13 March 1881

Tsar Alexander II was assasinated in St Petersburg by a member of a Nihilist terrorist faction led by Sophia Perovskaya; his son Alexander III succeeded him.

1887: Lenin's older brother Alexander Ulyanov was...

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Lenin 's older brother Alexander Ulyanov was hanged after a failed attempt to assassinate Tsar Alexander III .

1 November 1894: Tsar Alexander III died in the Crimea....

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1 November 1894

Tsar Alexander III died in the Crimea.


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