Peter I, Tsar of Russia

Standard Name: Peter I,, Tsar of Russia
Used Form: Peter the Great


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Literary Setting Mary Ann Cavendish Bradshaw
This second novel, prefaced by a long quotation from Voltaire , opens in the reign of Peter the Great and takes place in Russia. The hero is Ferdinand Beleski, who at the end marries...
Literary Setting Barbara Hofland
The title-page (like several earlier ones of BH ) quotes Shakespeare . The novel opens in 1726, with Catherine the first holding court in Russia after Peter the Great 's death. She had come to...
Textual Features Ella Baker
Many of the stories cover well-known ground. The Geese of Rome are the ones that saved the Capitol from surprise attack by gabbling; The Noblest of the Romans is Cincinnatus laying down the reins of...
Textual Features Georgiana Fullerton
Too Strange Not to Be True begins in Louisiana, along the banks of the Mississippi River (where monkeys grinned and chattered amongst the branches
Fullerton, Georgiana. Too Strange Not to Be True. R. Bentley.
1: 44
—a zoological mislocation which critics would later pick...
Textual Production Mary Ann Cavendish Bradshaw
It appeared in two volumes from Tippet . Its full title is Ferdinand and Ordella, A Russian Story: with authentic anecdotes of the Russian Court after the demise of Peter the Great. The title-page...


27 May 1703: Peter the Great founded a fortress at a site...

National or international item

27 May 1703

Peter the Great founded a fortress at a site on the Baltic Sea chosen for its strategic importance. This grew into the city of St Petersburg (called not after the tsar but after Saints Peter...


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