Dorothea Beale

Standard Name: Beale, Dorothea


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death Maria Grey
Her sister Emily had preceded her, dying on 20 March 1897. Dorothea Beale summed up the sisters' life's work when she declared that they had worked in faith and gradually the mountain of prejudice yielded...
Education Phyllis Bentley
As a young child PB went as a weekly boarder to Halifax Ladies' College, a private school in her home town run by Miss Monica and Miss Kate Pannett . (Such a school would take...
Education Catherine Carswell
CC was educated in Glasgow. She writes of attending, from six to about eight, Miss Watson's school, Glasgow's most expensive private day school for girls. There she experienced torturing piano lessons, having her fingers...
Education Edith Craig
Craig then was tutored privately at Dixton Manor Hall at Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, the home of Mrs Cole's sister, Elizabeth Malleson . Malleson had been an active member of the women's suffrage movement since...
Education Florence Farr
During her time at school she boarded with a cousin.
Johnson, Josephine. Florence Farr: Bernard Shaw’s new woman. Colin Smythe.
She later felt that the experience was a limiting one: I was myself educated in the colleges of Miss Dorothea Beale and Miss Buss
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
IT 's mother, Maud (Holt) Tree , taught classics at Queen's College , Harley Street and harboured the ambition of becoming an academic at Girton College .
Queen's College was founded for the training of...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Frances Cornwallis
A second cousin of CFC named Dorothea Margaret Complin became the mother of Dorothea Beale , who is famous for founding the Cheltenham Ladies' College . Dorothea Beale never knew Cornwallis personally but later claimed...
Friends, Associates Helen Taylor
HT moved in political and social circles that included Elizabeth Garrett Anderson , Millicent Garrett Fawcett , Louisa Garrett Anderson , Emily Davies , Elizabeth Wolstenholme , Frances Mary Buss , Dorothea Beale , and Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon .
Kent, Susan Kingsley. Sex and Suffrage in Britain, 1860-1914. Princeton University Press.
Robson, Ann P. et al. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Sexual Equality, University of Toronto Press, p. vii - xxxv; various pages.
Friends, Associates Maria Grey
Her work for women's education brought MG into contact with Dorothea Beale , Emily Davies , Mary Carpenter , and Mary Gurney . Her time in Italy brought her other friends, among them the operatic...
Instructor Jane Ellen Harrison
The founder and principal, Dorothea Beale , believed that girls should not only be given moral and social instruction, but also provided with the same educational foundation as boys; consequently, she implemented rigorous academic standards...
Instructor May Sinclair
Here she extended her already very considerable reading in English literature and philosophy, and in the Greeks from Homer and Æschylus . She also studied modern languages and several branches of mathematics and science.
Raitt, Suzanne. May Sinclair: A Modern Victorian. Clarendon Press.
Occupation Jane Ellen Harrison
After rejecting an offer from her former mentor Dorothea Beale to teach at her old school, Cheltenham Ladies' College , made in 1898, JEH gave several lectures at the Passmore Edwards Institute in Bloomsbury on...
politics Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
BLSB and other Langham feminists such as Jessie Boucherett and Emily Davies formed the society for the discussion of political and social issues. The first meeting was held at the home of Charlotte Manning ...
politics Maria Grey
MG received a silver casket from Frances Mary Buss and Dorothea Beale , famous as headmistresses under the Girls' Public Day Schools Trust , in recognition of her contribution to education.
Ellsworth, Edward W. Liberators of the Female Mind: The Shirreff Sisters, Educational Reform, and the Women’s Movement. Greenwood.
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
Votes for Women carried an appreciation by BH of the life and work of Dorothea Beale , founder of Cheltenham Ladies' College .
Crawford, Elizabeth. The Women’s Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide, 1866-1928. Routledge.
Willis, Chris. Beatrice Harraden—Suffragette Writer.


February 1854: A Governors' Report set out the intentions...

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February 1854

A Governors' Report set out the intentions for Cheltenham Ladies' College , now opening as an exclusive boarding school at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. For some years this school filled the function of a University...

23 May 1865: The Kensington Society, a quarterly women's...

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23 May 1865

The Kensington Society , a quarterly women's discussion group devoted to social and political issues, held its inaugural meeting in London.

1874: The Association of Headmistresses was founded...

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The Association of Headmistresses was founded by Frances Mary Buss and Dorothea Beale .

1893: St Hilda's College, later a women's college...

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St Hilda's College , later a women's college of Oxford University, was founded as St Hilda's Hall by Dorothea Beale ; she appointed Esther Burrows as its first principal.


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