Maud, Lady Tree

Standard Name: Tree, Maud,,, Lady
Used Form: Lady Beerbohm Tree


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Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
IT 's mother, Maud (Holt) Tree , taught classics at Queen's College , Harley Street and harboured the ambition of becoming an academic at Girton College .
Queen's College was founded for the training of...
Family and Intimate relationships Viola Tree
VT 's mother, Maud (Holt) Tree , taught classics at Queen's College , Harley Street (a secondary, not post-secondary school for girls), but longed to be a university lecturer at Girton College .
Fielding, Daphne. The Rainbow Picnic. Eyre Methuen.
Friends, Associates Edith Sitwell
ES had many friendships, and there were few notables in the artistic world whom she did not meet. Her friendships were quite volatile, with frequent quarrels, sometimes caused by the practical jokes and the heightened...
Instructor Viola Tree
VT 's early education took place privately, at home, because her parents rejected the idea of sending their daughters to schools. As a result, she had twenty-five different governesses, each lasting only a short while...


May 1912: A group of women singers including Sarah...

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May 1912

A group of women singers including Sarah Bernhardt , Mrs Patrick Campbell , Clara Butt , and Anna Pavlova rallied together for a single performance in aid of the Titanic Disaster Fund at Covent Garden.


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