Elizabeth Malleson

Standard Name: Malleson, Elizabeth
Used Form: Elizabeth Whitehead


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Instructor Edith Craig
Craig then was tutored privately at Dixton Manor Hall at Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, the home of Mrs Cole's sister, Elizabeth Malleson . Malleson had been an active member of the women's suffrage movement since...
Occupation Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Its first teacher was Elizabeth Whitehead , later the founder of the Working Women's College . Its eighty pupils included Catholics, Jews, Unitarians, and freethinkers. The school, which was heavily subsidised by Smith and cost...
Occupation Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
The school ran for ten years. On its demise, Smith donated the equipment to Elizabeth Malleson 's Working Women's College .
Herstein, Sheila R. A Mid-Victorian Feminist: Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon. Yale University Press.
Occupation Frances Power Cobbe
FPC contributed as an occasional lecturer to Elizabeth Malleson 's College for Working Women .
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press.
Occupation Jane Ellen Harrison
After arriving in London, JEH taught classes on Greek Art at the College for Working Women , founded by her friend Elizabeth Malleson in 1864. She also taught Latin part-time at Notting Hill High School
politics Edith Craig
EC 's interest in suffrage is often traced to 1905, when her lifelong partner Christopher St John became actively engaged in the movement; however, Craig was exposed to suffrage politics at a much earlier age...


20 March 1863: The executive of the Ladies' London Emancipation...

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20 March 1863

The executive of the Ladies' London Emancipation Society first convened at the home of Mentia Taylor ; the Society aimed to enlist British sympathy for the North in the US Civil War.

October 1864: The Working Women's College opened in Queen...

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October 1864

The Working Women's College opened in Queen Street, London.


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