Buchi Emecheta

Standard Name: Emecheta, Buchi
Birth Name: Florence Onyebuchi Emecheta
Self-constructed Name: Buchi Emecheta
Nickname: Nnenna
BE was an African writer settled in England and writing about life in London from the point of view of a foreigner or immigrant trying to make her way. Looking back from afar at her homeland, Nigeria, she compared its culture and traditions with those in her new homeland. Her novels deal with displacement, diaspora, and tension between the traditional ways of her Igbo culture and the independence a woman can acquire through education and hard work. BE published —besides her primary genre, the novel—plays for television, children's books, and articles for periodicals including the New Statesman, the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian, Kunapipi, Granta, and West Africa. This is a considerable generic range for someone writing in her fourth language. Her twenty novels have been translated into French, German, Italian, and Korean.


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Spring 1983: Granta magazine's first listing of twenty...

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Spring 1983

Granta magazine's first listing of twenty Best of Young British Novelists included the names of six women: Pat Barker , Ursula Bentley , Buchi Emecheta , Maggie Gee , Lisa St Auban de Teran , and Rose Tremain .

Before mid-September 2004: Melanie Abrahams of literary agency Renaissance...

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Before mid-September 2004

Melanie Abrahams of literary agency Renaissance One organised a group photo of people of Afro, Caribbean, or Asian origin who make a significant contribution to contemporary British literature.


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