Queen Anne

Standard Name: Anne, Queen
Used Form: Princess Anne


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Cultural formation Mary Delany
Her parents, of the English gentry class, could each pride themselves on connections of historical and contemporary social eminence (she had an earl as an uncle); but after Queen Anne 's death they were disadvantaged...
Dedications Mary Astell
MA 's philosophical second part to A Serious Proposal to the Ladies was published, again as by a Lover of her Sex, dedicated to Princess (later Queen) Anne .
Norton, J. E. “Some Uncollected Authors, XXVII: Mary Astell, 1666-1731”. The Book Collector, pp. 58 -65.
Dedications Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Mary, Lady Chudleigh , published, with her name (the Lady Chudleigh), Poems on Several Occasions, dedicated to Queen Anne , with a further dedication To the Ladies.
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University, 2000.
Mary, Lady Chudleigh,. The Poems and Prose of Mary, Lady Chudleigh. Ezell, Margaret J. M.Editor , Oxford University Press, 1993.
Dedications Penelope Aubin
PA published her first work: The Stuarts: A Pindarique Ode, dedicated to Queen Anne .
Foxon, David F. English Verse 1701-1750. Cambridge University Press, 1975.
Dedications Catharine Trotter
There was no author's name on the title-page, but the dedication was signed in full. It had opened about a month earlier (scholars differ over the precise date) at Congreve 's theatre, Lincoln's Inn Fields
Dedications Mary Pix
It was dedicated to Princess Anne , whose favour MP was later (when the princess had become the monarch) able to boast.
Greer, Germaine, Susan Hastings, Jeslyn Medoff, and Melinda Sansone, editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago, 1988.
Dedications Judith Drake
The lengthy title lists the satirical sketches that the work contains.
English Short Title Catalogue.
The attribution to JD by name comes from a catalogue published by Edmund Curll in 1741 (which mentions James Drake as arranging the publication...
Dedications Elizabeth Elstob
EE published in a handsome volume, by subscription and dedicated to Queen Anne , a specimen translation from the homilies (or sermons) of Ælfric : An English-Saxon Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Trotter
Her mother, born Sarah Ballenden, was related to three separate Scots noble families. She brought up her daughters at first on an Admiralty pension (discontinued on Charles II 's death, restored by Queen Anne )...
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Wesley
He reacted badly to SW 's implicit declaration of Jacobitism in late 1701 or soon afterwards. When she resisted what she saw as an oppressive move to deprive me of my little liberty of conscience...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Caesar
MC 's eldest brother, also named Ralph , was still hand in Tory glove with her husband in 1704, when the Whig Sarah, Lady Cowper wrote of them both as other little dragons.
Kugler, Anne. Errant Plagiary: The Life and Writing of Lady Sarah Cowper, 1644-1720. Stanford University Press, 2002.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Delany
Her uncle George Granville, Lord Lansdowne , was a statesman under Queen Anne , a distinguished amateur poet, and a friend of Alexander Pope . To MD 's parents Lansdowne was the head of the...
Friends, Associates Delarivier Manley
The early years of Queen Anne 's reign found DM bitterly divided by politics from most of the women she had written and collaborated with: Centlivre , Pix and Trotter , as well as Fyge.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, 1991, p. v - xxviii.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Delaval
The moving spirits in this plot were ED 's cousin Lady Essex Griffin (formerly Howard) and the latter's husband, Edward, Lord Griffin , both of whom were her good friends as well as her relations...
Friends, Associates Alexander Pope
The group comprised both authors and patrons. Other members were Dr John Arbuthnot , Thomas Parnell , and Lords Oxford and Bolingbroke . The writers among the club sent doggerel invitations to their meetings to...


7 October 1660
News reached the British royal household of a marriage that was to become dynastically significant: that of the king 's brother (later James II ) with the commoner Anne Hyde , daughter of Lord Clarendon .
15 February 1675
John Crowne 's Calisto; or, The Chaste Nimph was performed at Court.
28 July 1683
Prince George of Denmark , brother of the Danish king, married Princess Anne (the future queen) at the Palace of Whitehall, London.
July 1700
William Duke of Gloucester , born in 1689, longest-surviving child of the future Queen Anne , died of smallpox.
8 March 1702
King William III died and Queen Anne assumed the throne; she was crowned on 23 April, which was Charles II 's coronation day as well as St George's Day.
28 March 1702
Early in her reign Queen Anne issued a proclamation against anyone printing, publishing, or circulating seditious papers and libels.
20 October 1702
The newly-elected parliament (first of Queen Anne 's reign) assembled.
Queen Anne 's Bounty (a fund for supplementing the stipends of the most poorly-paid clergy) was instituted.
13 August 1704
Marlborough and Prince Eugene wiped out the French army at Blenheim in Bavaria.
9 June 1705
John Vanbrugh was officially appointed architect, with the assistance of Nicholas Hawksmoor , to build Blenheim Palace at Woodstock in Oxfordshire as a national thank-offering to the Duke of Marlborough .
19 April 1710
Four Iroquois sachems or leaders, visiting London, had an audience with Queen Anne .
18 January 1711
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough , brought her trial of wills with Queen Anne to an end by indignantly returning her key of office.
June 1714
Sophia of Brunswick , Electress of Hanover, died two months before her cousin Queen Anne .
8 July 1714
Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the Longitude Act, whereby Parliament offered a reward of up to £20,000 for a foolproof method of calculating longitude at sea.
1 August 1714
Queen Anne died and messengers left for Hanover to inform George I that he had assumed the throne.