Robert Harley, first Earl of Oxford

Standard Name: Oxford, Robert Harley,,, first Earl of


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Caesar
His great-great-father, Cesare Adelmare , had migrated from Italy to England and become physician to Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I .
Sedgwick, Romney, editor. The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1715-1754.
Under Charles Caesar (1673-1741)
Charles Caesar, though later a devoted husband, was said at...
Friends, Associates Mary Caesar
MC shared her husband's network of high-level connections in circles of Jacobites and Jacobite sympathisers. She was a friend of the writers Pope , Prior , Swift , and Mary Barber , and of the...
Friends, Associates Alexander Pope
The group comprised both authors and patrons. Other members were Dr John Arbuthnot , Thomas Parnell , and Lords Oxford and Bolingbroke . The writers among the club sent doggerel invitations to their meetings to...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Tollet
Tory politician Robert Harley was committed to the Tollet s' house in the Tower of London, where ET became well acquainted with him.
Londry, Michael. Thomas Parnell’s Poem ’To a Young Lady’ as Addressed to Elizabeth Tollet.
Literary responses Mary Caesar
Valerie Rumbold noted the allusions and double meanings with which MC offered the pleasures of complicity and solidarity to imagined readers (even though it seems likely that her husband was the only person to read...
politics Mary Caesar
In 1720 MC 's husband was arguing that a Stuart restoration could not be accomplished, and ought not to be attempted, without foreign aid. By March 1722, however, the planning stage of the Atterbury plot...
Textual Features Delarivier Manley
This book is often seen as a sequel, and it retails the same type of scandal as the New Atalantis, but without the supernatural mediating characters. It too purports to be translated: this time...
Textual Features Delarivier Manley
DM writes of herself as an expert in love, despite what she describes as her unalluring appearance. She presents herself, however, through men's eyes and as a topic of male gossip (in contrast with the...
Textual Production Mary Caesar
She describes her motivation like this: My Begining to wright was for amusement, when maloncarly on the Death of Our Great Friend Treasurr Oxford , and the Absence of Mr Caesar , to whom I...
Textual Production Delarivier Manley
It was dedicated to Lord Peterborough , from whom DM sought a pension the following year. She also sent a copy to Robert Harley , who waited four years before responding with a gift of fifty pounds.
Ballaster, Ros. “Early Women Writers: Lives and Times. Delarivier Manley (c. 1663-1724)”. The Female Spectator (1995-), Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 2-5.
Textual Production Delarivier Manley
DM wrote to Robert Harley on the very day that she dated her Translator's Preface to Rivella with proposals for another full-length political allegory of the type of the New Atalantis.
McDowell, Paula. The Women of Grub Street: Press, Politics, and Gender in the London Literary Marketplace, 1678-1730. Clarendon.
Textual Production Delarivier Manley
The occasion for this six-penny pamphlet
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
was de Guiscard 's trial for attempted murder of the Prime Minister, Robert Harley . Swift wrote the first page and DMcook'd it into
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
Textual Production Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's poems were circulating at least by 1714, in manuscript, or in the opportunistic publications of others, or both. After her death William Duncombe printed one of her imitations of odes by Horace which...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Caesar
MC begins with a commemorative account of the dealings of Robert Harley, first Earl of Oxford (First Lord of the Treasury under Queen Anne ), with her husband, Charles Caesar . It was news of...


1705-14: Robert Harley worked to establish a nationwide...

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Robert Harley worked to establish a nationwide system of government intelligence and propaganda.

October 1710: The Tories won a large majority in the general...

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October 1710

The Tories won a large majority in the general election, leading to a predominantly Tory ministry under the leadership of Robert Harley .

8 March 1711: The marquis de Guiscard stabbed Robert Harley,...

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8 March 1711

The marquis de Guiscard stabbed Robert Harley , leader of the government, in an attempt to kill him.


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