Mary Caesar

Standard Name: Caesar, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Freeman
Indexed Name: Mary Freman Caesar
Despite shaky spelling and punctuation, MC wrote during the early eighteenth century a unique, highly partisan, Jacobite diary or journal, which partakes also of the nature of a memoir, elegy, family history, or commonplace-book. In all it amounts to about 30,000 words.


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Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
Her father, Spencer Cowper , was a lawyer, a member of parliament, and at the end of his life a judge. His Whig allegiance made him the rival and enemy of Charles Caesar , husband...
Friends, Associates Mary Barber
MB was a close friend of Constantia Grierson . Her friendship with Jonathan Swift endured many vicissitudes; that with Laetitia Pilkington did not survive her apparently siding with Pilkington's husband when the couple fell out...
Friends, Associates Judith Cowper Madan
It was through the family friends Mary and Charles Caesar that Judith Cowper met her future husband, and in the year of her marriage she wrote a poem about the bower at their estate of...
Textual Production Jane Barker
Most of her extant manuscripts are at the British Library and at Magdalen College , Oxford. Just a few which are more widely scattered (one among the family papers of Jacobite diarist Mary Caesar


No timeline events available.


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