Edmund Curll

Standard Name: Curll, Edmund


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Anthologization Marie de Sévigné
The same year another selection was translated and published by Edmund Curll as Court Secrets; or, The Lady's Chronicle, historical and gallant. From the year 1671, to 1690. Extracted from the letters of Madame de...
Anthologization Elizabeth Thomas
Curll included three letters by ET in his unauthorised Atterburyana.
Baines, Paul, and Pat Rogers. Edmund Curll, Bookseller. Clarendon Press, 2007.
Monthly Catalogue, 1723-1730. Gregg Press.
Anthologization Elizabeth Justice
Edmund Curll 's unauthorised publication Mr. Pope's Literary Correspondence included in its fourth, ragbag volume four letters from EJ in St Petersburg to one of her London friends.
Griffith, Reginald Harvey. Alexander Pope: A Bibliography. University of Texas Press, 1922.
2: 334
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Anthologization Elizabeth Tollet
This survives in a manuscript copy, British Library Harley MS 7316. 68. It was printed in Edmund Curll 's Whartoniana, September 1727, unattributed, together with two other attributed poems by ET , and six...
death Elizabeth Singer Rowe
She had been taken ill about six months before, but was well and cheerful the day before her stroke. There was an eclipse that day. She specified that she should be buried with her father...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Drake
Judith was married to James Drake : Fellow of the Royal Society , physician and writer on medicine and politics, and they had at least two children, one of each sex.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Judith Drake
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Thomas
Meanwhile, Thomas's mother ran a boarding-house, frequented, as was reported later, by a circle of leading Whig politicians, the architects of the Glorious Revolution of 1688.
Curll, Edmund, Elizabeth Thomas, and Richard Gwinnett. “The Life of Corinna. Written by Herself”. Pylades and Corinna, 1731, p. iv - lxxx.
The Life of Corinna, purporting to be...
Literary responses Laetitia Pilkington
MP's work was controversial from the beginning. It became the topic of newspaper paragraphs and of pamphlets. Several answers to it seem to have been written by Matthew Pilkington , and one answer to him...
Material Conditions of Writing Delarivier Manley
She apparently produced a large part of her manuscript in a week, and the rest in a couple of months, having entered into negotiations with Curll in response to his threat that he was already...
Occupation Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
LMWM acted as patron to a number of writers (all male so far as is known), most notably Richard Savage and Henry Fielding , but also Edward Young and Samuel Boyse . Books to which...
Publishing Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Letters written by MLC appeared posthumously in several compilations put out by Edmund Curll : Whartoniana, 1727, the Poetical Works of Philip, Duke of Wharton , 1731, and Pylades and Corinna, 1731, by...
Publishing Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
LMWM 's satirical mock-eclogues Monday, Thursday, and Friday were illicitly printed by Edmund Curll as Court Poems.
Grundy, Isobel. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Comet of the Enlightenment. Clarendon, 1999.
Publishing Martha Fowke
A second edition of MF 's and William Bond 's The Epistles of Clio and Strephon was published by Edmund Curll .
Monthly Catalogue, 1723-1730. Gregg Press.
Foxon, David F. English Verse 1701-1750. Cambridge University Press, 1975.
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Publishing Martha Fowke
It was dedicated to Steele and had a prefatory essay by John Porter . It was several times re-issued (latterly by the disreputable publisher Edmund Curll ), and the title changed from edition to edition...
Publishing Martha Fowke
Curll (said by Eliza Haywood to have been wooed by Fowke as her publisher) may have been a sleeping partner in the earlier edition. The second (labelled as the third) also contained extraneous material.
Baines, Paul, and Pat Rogers. Edmund Curll, Bookseller. Clarendon Press, 2007.


31 January 1707
Matthew Prior 's Poems on Several Occasions were published illicitly, through Edmund Curll .
The first edition appeared of Onania; or The Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution, a treatise against masturbation which mingles scare tactics with moral admonition; the reprints kept coming for decades.
June 1716
Edmund Curll (a publisher with a sharp eye not only for sexual and political scandal but also for writing by women) marked the latest fashion craze by issuing The Hoop Petticoat. An Heroic comical Poem...
Late November 1717
Edmund Curll published The Ladies Miscellany, an anthology of poems chiefly about dress, bearing the date 1718.
September 1727
Edmund Curll issued (with no publisher mentioned in the colophon but with his name signed to the dedication) Whartoniana in two volumes, often referred to as the work of Philip, Duke of Wharton .