Susanna Wesley

Standard Name: Wesley, Susanna
Birth Name: Susanna Annesley
Married Name: Susanna Wesley
Pseudonym: A Gentlewoman
SW 's surviving writings, dating from the earlier eighteenth century, include letters, devotional diaries, prayers, meditations, and essays written for her children on points of religious doctrine. Publication began years after her death.


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Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Savage
After this he continued to follow his conscience in matters of religious observance and ritual, occupying an ambiguous position as the object of both respect and disapproval locally, and being several times arrested although always...
Family and Intimate relationships Mehetabel Wright
Susanna Wesley told her son John that she would not be sorry to part with Hetty , being quite tired out with her very licensuous and scandalous adventures.
Knights, Elspeth. “A Licensuous Daughter: Mehetabel Wesley, 1697-1750”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 15-38.
18, 32
Family and Intimate relationships Mehetabel Wright
MW 's mother, Susanna Wesley , was a larger-than-life character: stern, charismatic, a religious innovator and forceful writer. Her relationship with her daughter Hetty is hard to read; she was obviously shocked by and disapproving...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Having already praised many contemporary women writers in print, EOB was now able to meet them. The move to London was accomplished principally through the zealous friendship of Miss Sarah Wesley , who had already...
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
John and Charles Wesley , walking across the country to visit their mother and the rest of their family at Epworth, stopped both going and coming to visit SC at Stanton.
Wesley, John. The Works of John Wesley. Clarendon; Oxford University Press.
25: 278n1
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
SC 's friendship with John Wesley continued after her marriage, and included Wesley's brother Charles , Mary Pendarves (later Delany) , and Mary's sister Anne Granville , who stayed at her house for a week...
Author summary Fidelia
This symbolic name indicating faithfulness (which was also adopted for themselves by Mary Astell , Jane Barker , and the American writers Sarah Gill , Hannah Griffitts and Sukey Vickery , as well as for...
Textual Production Elizabeth Bathurst
The fuller title is An Expostulatory Appeal to the Professors of Christianity, Joyned in Community with Samuel Ansley. EB says she made a proclamation to these people on the twentieth day of the eighth...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Helen Dunmore
Of the poems, Seal Run describes new potatoes grown in the Highlands of Scotland, on white sand under a blanket of seaweed. A sequence treats the life at Epworth of the Wesley family. Several...


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