Thomas Parnell

Standard Name: Parnell, Thomas


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Dedications Henrietta Battier
She hoped to get a volume of her collected poems published while she was in London in 1784, and enlisted the aid of Samuel Johnson. Johnson offered positive encouragement (assuring her he had often been...
Friends, Associates Alexander Pope
The group comprised both authors and patrons. Other members were Dr John Arbuthnot , Thomas Parnell , and Lords Oxford and Bolingbroke . The writers among the club sent doggerel invitations to their meetings to...
Literary responses Elizabeth Tollet
Sir Isaac Newton admired ET 's earliest essays (that is, attempts at writing). Thomas Parnell praised her Apollo and Daphne in a poem which he contributed to Steele 's Poetical Miscellanies, 1714 (which actually...
Publishing Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's poems were circulating at least by 1714, in manuscript, or in the opportunistic publications of others, or both. After her death William Duncombe printed one of her imitations of odes by Horace which...
Textual Features Susanna Watts
The title-page quotes Pope , who also (with his Messiah) stands first among the contents. Some pieces are unascribed; others are by Byron (The Isles of Greece), Jane Taylor (The Squire's...


December 1722: Alexander Pope edited and published his late...

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December 1722

Alexander Pope edited and published his late friend Thomas Parnell 's Poems on Several Occasions.


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