Margaret Reynolds

Standard Name: Reynolds, Margaret
Used Form: Margaret (Peggy) Reynolds


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Family and Intimate relationships Jeanette Winterson
Among JW 's many sexual relationships, she had a notorious affair with her former literary agent Pat Kavanagh , the wife of author Julian Barnes . Another significant relationship was with theatre director Deborah Warner
Intertextuality and Influence Sappho
Margaret Reynolds in The Sappho Companion, 2001, sweeps with a broad net translations, portraits, ballets, operas, poems, plays, novels, songs and treatises.
Gubar, Susan. “Multiple personality”. Women’s Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 12, pp. 13-14.
She too ends on the potential of Sappho as lesbian foremother...
Literary responses Bessie Rayner Parkes
Leighton and Reynolds suggest that this poem, together with Barrett Browning 's Aurora Leigh, is one of the few bold attempts to tackle the woman question in verse and it is clearly influenced by...
Literary responses Henrietta Euphemia Tindal
After languishing for more than a century, HET 's work has reappeared in the anthology of Victorian women poets edited by Angela Leighton and Margaret Reynolds .Leighton compares her unsentimenal poems on childbirth and motherhood...
Literary responses Susan Hill
Margaret Reynolds and Jonathan Noakes published in 2003Susan Hill; The Essential Guide to Contemporary Literature as one in Vintage 's Living Texts series. Intended for teachers, students, and reading groups, this book discusses four...
Literary responses Harriet Hamilton King
Hickey noted of these poems that we have the delight in beauty, in beauty for its own sake; the revelling in the wonder of flowers, which Mrs. King can write of as very few can...
Literary responses Bessie Rayner Parkes
Parkes acknowledged that she considered poetry not as an intellectual luxury but a very real national influence.
Gleadle, Kathryn. The Early Feminists. Macmillan.
Perhaps taking that as a hint, anthologists Angela Leighton and Margaret Reynolds note that BRP 's poetry...
Publishing Elizabeth Barrett Browning
As her reputation recovered in the later part of the century, fine editions of particular works began to emerge: Julia Markus 's edition of Casa Guidi Windows, 1977, and Margaret Reynolds 's landmark edition...
Reception Constance Naden
Recently her writing has been included in Victorian Women Poets: an Anthology, edited by Margaret Reynolds and Angela Leighton , 1995; in Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology, edited by Isobel Armstrong ,...
Textual Features A. Mary F. Robinson
An Oasis, according to critics Leighton and Reynolds , is one of those nineteenth-century artist-and-model poems which so sceptically and intelligently analyse the process of the male gaze which wipes out the woman's individuality...
Textual Features A. Mary F. Robinson
The contents are divided thematically as Songs of the Inner Life, Spring Songs, and Romantic Ballads. One of those poems, the lyric Melancholia, was inspired an Albrecht Dürer engraving.
Robinson, A. Mary F. Songs, Ballads, and a Garden Play. T. Fisher Unwin.
7-9, 37
Textual Features L. S. Bevington
Poems, Lyrics, and Sonnets also muses on the incompatibility of feminism and religion. LSB likens marriage to slavery (that most common of first-wave feminist motifs) in Bees in Clover. She uses poetic repetition and...
Textual Features Dora Greenwell
The volume opens with Christina, which relates the sad history of a fallen woman. Choosing this woman's voice for first-person narration (though she is not the person named in the poem's title) is...
Textual Production Rosamund Marriott Watson
Although deteriorating in health, RMW contributed reviews and poetry to the Athenæum.
Angela Leighton and Margaret Reynolds state that she was poetry editor from 1904 to 1911, but this is not confirmed by more...
Textual Production L. S. Bevington
Until recently, comment on LSB has dealt exclusively with her poetry. About a decade after her death Alfred H. Miles remembered her as the poetess of evolutionary science.
Miles, Alfred H., editor. The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. AMS Press.
9: 229
While he tarred her with...


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