John Flaxman

Standard Name: Flaxman, John


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death Mary Tighe
Her brother-in-law William Tighe said her fears of death were perfectly removed
Tighe, Mary. Keats and Mary Tighe. Editor Weller, Earle Vonard, Kraus Reprint Corporation.
before she died. Her family mausoleum at Inistioge in Kilkenny has her image in white marble by John Flaxman ; a plaster...
Friends, Associates Anna Jane Vardill
While she lived in London AJV moved in culturally active circles. She later described the poet Eleanor Anne Porden (who lived not far away) as her dear friend, and was one of those who...
Friends, Associates Eleanor Anne Porden
EAP met Mary Russell Mitford in summer 1822 at the London house of Mrs Vardill: presumably the mother of the Romantic poet Anna Jane Vardill .
L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, editor. The Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford as Recorded in Letters from Her Literary Correspondents. Hurst and Blackett.
1: 121
Vardill was a friend and associate from...
Leisure and Society Eleanor Anne Porden
EAP was an active participant in the literary society of London. She recited her own poems to guests at the Royal Institution , and she ran a literary society called The Attic Chest...
Publishing Anna Jane Vardill
William Franklin, a natural son of Benjamin Franklin, was a friend of AJV 's father.
Axon, William E. A., and Ernest Hartley Coleridge. “Anna Jane Vardill Niven, the Authoress of ’Christobell,’ the Sequel to Coleridge’s ’Christabel.’ With a Bibliography. With an Additional Note on ’Christabel’”. Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, Vol.
2nd series 28
, pp. 57-88.
Next year she signed the single initial V to two successive poems: The Progress of British Sculpture. Suggested by...
Publishing Anna Swanwick
AS issued The Dramas of Æchylus, her translation of the entire corpus of Æschylus —the trilogy already published, plus the four titles she had worked on later—in a handsome edition illustrated by Flaxman .
Bruce, Mary Louisa. Anna Swanwick, A Memoir and Recollections 1813-1899. T. F. Unwin.
93, 105
Textual Features Lydia Maria Child
LMC 's first four subjects were all known for their writings and for their resistance to tyrannical authority, either political or religious, but she is more interested here in what she alleges to have been...
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
AJV was the second most prolific contributor (after Porden herself) to Eleanor Anne Porden 's Attic Chest during the years of its flourishing, 1808-15. Porden followed the model of Anna, Lady Miller 's Batheaston Vase...


1783: John Flaxman and the Rev. A. S. Mathew paid...

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John Flaxman and the Rev. A. S. Mathew paid for the printing (not publication) of William Blake 's first book, Poetical Sketches.


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