House Committee for Un-American Activities


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Literary responses Christina Stead
From her first discovery until this point in her career, CS was held in high esteem by the literary worlds of London (always excepting her damning reviews in the Times Literary Supplement) and New...
politics Christina Stead
Their Communism made Blech and Stead vulnerable in the immediate postwar years. The House Committee for Un-American Activities issued its first subpoenas to creative people in films and allied occupations in September 1947, after gathering...


20 November 1934: Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour, a...

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20 November 1934

Lillian Hellman 's The Children's Hour, a play in which schoolgirls accuse teachers of having a lesbian relationship, opened on Broadway, New York.

September 1947: The US House Committee for Un-American Activities...

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September 1947

The USHouse Committee for Un-American Activities (HUAC) began issuing subpoenas to leading figures in the entertainment industry, three years before the communist witch-hunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy made him a household name.

22 January 1953: The Crucible, a play about the witch trials...

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22 January 1953

The Crucible, a play about the witch trials at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, by dramatist Arthur Miller , opened on stage in New York.


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