Joseph McCarthy

Standard Name: McCarthy, Joseph


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Literary responses Christina Stead
From her first discovery until this point in her career, CS was held in high esteem by the literary worlds of London (always excepting her damning reviews in the Times Literary Supplement) and New...
Literary Setting Elaine Feinstein
Its time-span embraces Weimar Germany at one end and the McCarthy era at the other, by way of the years of terror in Stalin 's Russia. EF made Frieda (an invented character among figures from...
politics Pearl S. Buck
PSB 's internationalism and egalitarianism were looked on with suspicion by various American institutions and individuals. The FBI opened a file on her as early as 1937. Henry Luce black-listed her from appearing in Time...
Reception Ethel Wilson
On 23 January 1953 a dramatization of Lilly's Story was broadcast on CBC through Robert Weaver , the producer of the program Canadian Short Stories. The broadcast generated controversy. Newspapers in Montreal reported that...
Textual Production Pamela Frankau
She says she began work on another play, called Can't Catch Me, when she looked at the beautiful face of Tyrone Power and a thought crossed her mind: a man who escapes.
Frankau, Pamela. Pen to Paper. Heinemann.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary McCarthy
This novel takes an unusual approach to its subject: the persecution of liberals in the USA in a paroxysm of anti-Communism led by Senator Joseph McCarthy (no relation). MMC 's protagonist is an academic dismissed...


20 November 1934: Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour, a...

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20 November 1934

Lillian Hellman 's The Children's Hour, a play in which schoolgirls accuse teachers of having a lesbian relationship, opened on Broadway, New York.

September 1947: The US House Committee for Un-American Activities...

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September 1947

The USHouse Committee for Un-American Activities (HUAC) began issuing subpoenas to leading figures in the entertainment industry, three years before the communist witch-hunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy made him a household name.

October 1947: Martha Gellhorn published in New Republic...

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October 1947

Martha Gellhorn published in New Republica magisterial condemnation of McCarthy ism and its implications in the USA.

10 February 1949: Arthur Miller's tragedy Death of a Salesman,...

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10 February 1949

Arthur Miller 's tragedyDeath of a Salesman, directed by Elia Kazan , opened on Broadway to great enthusiasm from critics.

September 1950: In the USA the Internal Security Act (also...

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September 1950

In the USA the Internal Security Act (also known as the McCarran Act or McCarran Wood Act from the chairman of the Un-American Activities Committee ) placed various legal restrictions on Communist Party membership and members.

22 January 1953: The Crucible, a play about the witch trials...

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22 January 1953

The Crucible, a play about the witch trials at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, by dramatist Arthur Miller , opened on stage in New York.

19 June 1953: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed...

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19 June 1953

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in Sing Sing Prison, New York State, on charges of passing atomic secrets to the USSR.

18 February 1954: Robert T. Stevens, Secretary of the US Army,...

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18 February 1954

Robert T. Stevens , Secretary of the US Army , ordered two generals subpoenaed by anti-Communist senator Joseph McCarthy to ignore their summons.

March 1954: In the USA, Edward Murrow for the first time...

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March 1954

In the USA, Edward Murrow for the first time exposed the methods of Senator McCarthy on a CBS television programme called See It Now.
Reid, Panthea. Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles. Rutgers University Press.


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