Thomas Hood

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Friends, Associates Mary Lamb
Friends were still being added to the Lambs' circle late in their lives, including literary friends like John Clare and Thomas Hood . Charles corresponded with Mary Shelley ; ML corresponded with Mary Matilda Betham
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Cook
EC was long remembered for the fact that her poem Poor Hood led to the erection of a memorial at the neglected grave of poet Thomas Hood , whose writing shared many of the same...
Intertextuality and Influence Fanny Aikin Kortright
FAK 's literary allusions here are interesting. Thomas Hood 's The Song of the Shirt is cited more than once, though Kortright insists that the governess is worse off than the seamstress because she is...
Intertextuality and Influence Isa Blagden
The final line invokes Wordsworth 's The Female Vagrant, andIB also echoes Thomas Hood 's Bridge of Sighs and the more general iconography of the fallen woman. This treatment of what it meant...
Literary responses Jane Porter
JP 's use of historical figures and her descriptions of the Kościuszko Uprising of 1794 made many readers suppose that the first volume especially was history, not fiction. A friend of the family felt sure...
Literary responses Mathilde Blind
Reviewers loved this volume. They praised MB 's power of characterisation in The Prophecy of St Oran, the sonorous beauty of her lines
Blind, Mathilde. The Ascent of Man. Chatto and Windus.
combined with simple and straightforward vocabulary, her dramatic power, and...
Publishing Frances Browne
After this journal ceased publication in 1841, she sent poems to the editor of the Athenæum instead, promising future contributions in exchange for a copy of the magazine. The editor accepted, and in the following...
Textual Features Isa Craig
IC 's article has a documentary feel typical of much social investigation literature, particularly the seamstress narrative popularized by writers such as Thomas Hood , Henry Mayhew , and Elizabeth Gaskell in her novel Ruth...
Textual Features Elizabeth Gaskell
Fallen women were by then a cultural obsession. Caroline Bowles had treated the subject in Ellen Fitzarthur (1820). Thomas Hood had depicted both the exploitation of seamstresses in The Song of the Shirt (1843) and...
Textual Production Emily Davies
Under ED 's editorship, the periodical combined literary contributions (such as poetry by Christina Rossetti and fiction by Thomas Adolphus Trollope ) with book reviews, reports of bodies such as the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women
Textual Production Anna Brownell Jameson
Focusing on London's 15,000 milliners, she characterises them as the doomed slaves of our glittering grandeur, living a deathly life of torment for the gratification of wealth, which immolates them almost without a thought or...
Textual Production Florence Marryat
She dedicated it to her childhood friend and fellow popular novelist Annie Thomas Cudlip , with the famous refrain from Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's lyric My Heart and I: now we are tired—My Heart...
Textual Production Mary Ann Browne
The Dublin University Magazine printed The Embroidress at Midnight by Mrs. James Gray late Miss M. A. Browne, a poem of protest about treatment of women workers in the textile trade.
This preceded the...


16 December 1843: Thomas Hood's poem The Song of the Shirt...

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16 December 1843

Thomas Hood 's poemThe Song of the Shirt was published anonymously in the Christmas issue of Punch.

May 1844: Thomas Hood published The Bridge of Sighs,...

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May 1844

Thomas Hood published The Bridge of Sighs, which was invoked repeatedly in Victorian treatments of the fallen woman.

By 23 September 1848: A volume of fourteen Poems by a Sempstress,...

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By 23 September 1848

A volume of fourteen Poems by a Sempstress, published by E. L. E., called for just and equal brotherhood.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1091 (1848): 957

By 1 April 1854: Anna Elizabeth Blunden exhibited The Song...

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By 1 April 1854

Anna Elizabeth Blunden exhibited The Song of the Shirt, based on Thomas Hood 's poem about garment outworkers, at the Society of British Artists .


Hood, Thomas. Selected Poems of Thomas Hood. Editor Clubbe, John, Harvard University Press, 1970.