Isa Blagden

Standard Name: Blagden, Isa
Birth Name: Isabella Jane Blagden
Pseudonym: Ivory Beryl
Used Form: the author of Agnes Tremorne
Used Form: the authoress of Agnes Tremorne
IB is the author of five fairly sentimental yet often outspokenly feminist novels, a small volume of poetry, and a number of essays and short stories—almost all of which were published in London during the 1860s. She lived primarily in Florence, and much of her work deals with Italian settings, characters, and politics. Her writing also frequently addresses the issues of women's occupations and independence, of female artistic genius, of mesmerism and spiritualism, and of moral as opposed to physical beauty.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Eleanor Trollope
Dickens , on the other hand, though fond of both the Trollopes and the Ternans, apparently confided that he did not in the least care for Fanny, whom he judged, with evident misgivings, to be...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Eleanor Trollope
In 1867, the year after their marriage, FET and her husband separated for a while. They publicly said little of their troubles; they may have had disagreements over the scandal surrounding Ellen Ternan and Charles Dickens
Fictionalization George Sand
Other British women writers also found their admiration mingled with disapprobation. Elizabeth Barrett read GS eagerly and recognised her importance, but reflected the opinion of many in often finding the writing inappropriate for a woman...
Friends, Associates Linda Villari
She was a friend of the writer Isa Blagden and was instrumental in gathering Blagden's poems for posthumous publication in 1873.
Friends, Associates Robert Browning
In his later years RB became ensconced among London's cultural elite. He carried on a close friendships through correspondence and some visits with Julia Wedgwood and Isa Blagden —he also assisted Blagden's writing career. He...
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's connections from home gave her introductions into the circles of US and British women living in Italy, including Harriet Hosmer (who became a close friend). She met Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning ...
Friends, Associates Matilda Hays
In Italy, MH socialized with a number of prominent figures including Isa Blagden , Sara Lippincott , Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband . Barrett Browning commented on the house of emancipated women...
Friends, Associates Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, first Earl Lytton
His international travel and family ties to England's literary scene ensured him a wide social circle. He knew Charles Dickens , John Forster , and Frances Mary Peard . While living in Florence, he became...
Literary responses Frances Eleanor Trollope
Charles Dickens had at one time noted FET 's literary talent,
Stebbins, Lucy Poate, and Richard Poate Stebbins. The Trollopes. The Chronicle of a Writing Family. Columbia University Press.
and he serialised Mabel's Progress in 1867 in All The Year Round.
Ackroyd, Peter. Dickens. HarperCollins.
Isa Blagden insinuated in a letter to Robert Browning
Occupation James Anthony Froude
During his term the monthly published works by distinguished authors including John Stuart Mill , Frances Power Cobbe , and Isa Blagden .
Reception Harriet Hamilton King
Despite the popularity of HHK 's work into the twentieth century, it has not fared well critically. She has seldom been mentioned in recent critical discussions, although several of her poems are anthologized in feminist...
Textual Features Linda Villari
In Change Unchanged is another of LV 's novels with a plethora of landscape description and hints of the autobiographical. Throughout the life journey of its protagonist, Edith Henderson, which includes the seclusion and loneliness...
Textual Production Frances Power Cobbe
In November 1857, FPC wrote an anonymous review of a pseudonymous novel by her brother Thomas . She also reviewed the work of other intimates, including Isa Blagden , whose The Cost of a Secret...
Textual Production Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens's romance about the French Revolution set largely in Paris, appeared in 1859 in several forms:first serially in his new journal All the Year Round, and, overlapping...
Travel Frances Power Cobbe
By November 1859 the living arrangement with Carpenter was unraveling. FPC spent some time in Florence (from about February to May 1860), where she again stayed with Isa Blagden . She was back in Italy...


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