Mary Ann Browne

Standard Name: Browne, Mary Ann
Birth Name: Mary Ann Browne
Indexed Name: Mary Anne Browne
Indexed Name: Miss M. A. Browne
Married Name: Mary Ann Gray
Indexed Name: Mrs James Gray, late Miss M. A. Browne
Married Name: Mrs James Gray
Used Form: Mary Anne Browne (later Gray)
MAB wrote in the early nineteenth century and died in her early thirties. During her short career she published eight volumes of poetry, and was estimated to have printed in periodicals and annuals probably as much material, both poems and prose, as would have filled two or three more. She also wrote a juvenile diary, tragedies, and translations from German, which do not survive.
Dublin University Magazine. William Curry, Jun.
25 (March 1845): 328, 330
Her themes include love, marriage, and self-sacrifice, the vocation of poetry, and conditions of women's lives both in the here and now and at various historical periods.


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Friends, Associates Barbara Hofland
BH retained at least one life-long friendship from her Sheffield or Attercliffe days: with the poet and novelist Sarah Pearson , who had been her neighbour there. Pearson's will charged Hofland with the task of...
Intertextuality and Influence L. E. L.
LEL's own sense of herself as part of a female poetic tradition is revealed in her tributes to other poets, including Felicia Hemans and Mary Ann Browne .
L. E. L.,. Poetical Works of Letitia Elizabeth Landon. Editor Sypher, Francis Jacques, Scholars’ Facsimiles and Reprints.
408, 544, 340
Literary responses Elizabeth Smith
Hannah More praised the recently-dead ES in Coelebs in Search of a Wife, setting her in the distinguished company of Elizabeth Carter for acquirements which would have been distinguished in an University, meekly softened...
Literary responses Eliza Mary Hamilton
Poems is EMH 's best known work; it won her praise from Maria Edgeworth and Mary Ann Browne .
Blain, Virginia. “Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Eliza Mary Hamilton, and the Genealogy of the Victorian Poetess”. Victorian Poetry, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 31-51.
Publishing Mary Maria Colling
The full title reads Fables and other Pieces in Verse . . . With some account of the author, in letters to Robert Southey Esq. . . . by Mrs. Bray. The dedicatory poem...
Textual Features Mary Russell Mitford
MRM here mixed personal gossip, local scene-painting, criticism, and extracts.
Mitford, Mary Russell. Recollections of a Literary Life; or, Books, Places and People. R. Bentley.
She recorded stories of her wide circle, including Felicia Hemans , Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Harriet Martineau , Mary Anne Browne (later Gray) ...
Textual Features Mary Anne Jevons
An anonymous preface dated from Liverpool in October 1830 said that this annual would not set out to rival more splendid ones: it would offer mostly devotional poems, and none that were not improving. MAJ


January 1833: The first issues appeared of two Irish monthly...

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January 1833

The first issues appeared of two Irish monthly periodicals: the successful Dublin University Magazine and the short-lived Dublin University Review, and Quarterly Magazine.


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