Henry Mayhew

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Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Self-Education looks at the shortcomings of current school systems for both poor and privileged children.
Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. “Self-Education”. The Westminster Review, Vol.
, John Chapman, pp. 73-94.
63 (July 1855): 39-41
The most important lessons in life, she says, are taught to children at a young age...
Intertextuality and Influence Philip Larkin
This volume includes the highly characteristic Wants, a two-stanza poem with two refrains: Beyond all this, the wish to be alone, and Beneath it all, desire of oblivion runs.
Larkin, Philip. Collected Poems. Editor Thwaite, Anthony, Faber and Faber; the Marvell Press.
The poems were, however...
Literary Setting Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Despite Jewsbury's comment, this is a particularly strong novel, which focuses on the position of women through character development and interior lives, although narration rather than dialogic showing is still the dominant technique. Nor is...
Occupation Mary Elizabeth Braddon
MEB 's theatre career peaked with her run at the Surrey Theatre , London, in pieces like J. B. Johnstone 's The Sailor of France and How We Live in the World of London...
Textual Features Isa Craig
IC 's article has a documentary feel typical of much social investigation literature, particularly the seamstress narrative popularized by writers such as Thomas Hood , Henry Mayhew , and Elizabeth Gaskell in her novel Ruth...
Textual Features Michèle Roberts
In the earlier period of the novel, Joseph Benson takes a philanthropic interest in fallen women, and helps Henry Mayhew in the research for his ground-breaking London Labour and the London Poor, published in...


13 May 1848: Henry and Augustus Mayhew published the satiric...

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13 May 1848

Henry and Augustus Mayhew published the satiricnovelWhom to Marry and How to Get Married—it included the author credit By one who has refused twenty excellent offers at least.

October 1848-December 1850: Henry Mayhew's eighty-two letters to the...

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October 1848-December 1850

Henry Mayhew 's eighty-two letters to the Morning Chronicle painted a powerful portrait of working-class life and reported widespread prostitution among female slopworkers.

December 1850-February 1852: Henry Mayhew serially published London Labour...

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December 1850-February 1852

Henry Mayhew serially published London Labour and the London Poor.

1862: Henry Mayhew published The Criminal Prisons...

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Henry Mayhew published The Criminal Prisons of London.

1874: Henry Mayhew, well known for his journalism...

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Henry Mayhew , well known for his journalism on the British lower classes, published London Characters.


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