Dame Kathleen D'Olier Courtney

Standard Name: Courtney, Dame Kathleen D'Olier
Used Form: The Family Endowment Committee


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death Maude Royden
In the days and months after her death, many of MR 's friends and colleagues wrote loving remembrances of her in the Times. Friend and fellow suffragist Kathleen Courtney wrote, It is for her...
Education Maude Royden
At Lady Margaret Hall , MR met the future internationalist and feminist Kathleen Courtney , who became a life-long friend and a fellow advocate for women's suffrage and for pacifism.
Fletcher, Sheila. Maude Royden: A Life. Basil Blackwell.
Friends, Associates Maude Royden
Courtney and Royden served together as executive members of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) , of which in 1911 Courtney became secretary. They also worked together as vice-chairs for the Women's International League (WIL)
Intertextuality and Influence Eleanor Rathbone
This work of ER 's drew much, mixed attention. In a belated New Leader review in 1926, Hugh Dalton (later Chancellor of the Exchequer in the postwar Labour government) named it one of the outstanding...
Occupation Maude Royden
MR served on the executive committee of the NUWSS along with suffragists Dorothea Rackham , Chrystal Macmillan , Margaret Ashton , Catherine Marshall , Ida O'Malley , Kathleen Courtney , and Isabella Ford . By...
Occupation Maude Royden
Other members of the committee included MR 's close friend Kathleen Courtney , H. N. Brailsford , Elinor Burns , and Mary Stocks . The committee's report, Equal Pay and the Family: A Proposal for...
Occupation Maude Royden
Though unable to attend, she had served on the British Committee for the Congress in April of this year. Of the 180 British women who had planned to attend, only three were able to go:...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
She and her husband probably managed to get there because they came by ship from America, not from Britain, whose authorities were blocking all sea travel. Only two other British women were permitted to attend...
politics Maude Royden
Through her anti-war activities, MR became involved with the Women's International League (WIL) , a pacifist organisation founded by British women who had attended the Women's International Congress in Amsterdam in 1915. Back in England...
Textual Production Eleanor Rathbone
Her fellow members of the committee who produced this work were Mary Stocks , Dr Maude Royden , Kathleen Courtney , Elinor and Emile Burns , and H. N. Brailsford . Their text expanded the...


13 August 1912: Octavia Hill, housing advocate and one-time...

Building item

13 August 1912

Octavia Hill , housing advocate and one-time friend of John Ruskin , died of cancer in her home at 190 Marylebone Road, London.

Early August 1914: In response to the support for Britain's...

National or international item

Early August 1914

In response to the support for Britain's war effort pledged by Millicent Garrett Fawcett and other National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies Executive Committee members, several leading members of the Union resigned to form the...


Rathbone, Eleanor et al. Equal Pay and the Family: A Proposal for the National Endowment of Motherhood. Headley, 1918.