Hugh Dalton

Standard Name: Dalton, Hugh


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Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH knew and worked closely with the Labour leader Ramsay MacDonald , though her early intense admiration for him diminished with time. Up to the year after publishing her book on him (which was also...
Literary responses Eleanor Rathbone
This work of ER 's drew much, mixed attention. In a belated New Leader review in 1926, Hugh Dalton (later Chancellor of the Exchequer in the postwar Labour government) named it one of the outstanding...
Occupation Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
By 1930, Kingsley Martin , editor of New Statesman and Nation, noted that Time and Tide was one of the leading British weeklies. It was read by the leaders of the country, including Prime...


26 July 1945: The postwar general election put the Labour...

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26 July 1945

The postwar general election put the Labour Party in power with a landslide victory. Clement Attlee became Prime Minister; prominent in his Cabinet were Herbert Morrison , Ernest Bevin , Hugh Dalton , and Sir...


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