Women's International Congress


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Friends, Associates Maude Royden
Courtney and Royden served together as executive members of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) , of which in 1911 Courtney became secretary. They also worked together as vice-chairs for the Women's International League (WIL)
Occupation Maude Royden
Though she had not attended the Women's International Congress because of prohibitions on travel in the North Sea, MR became the vice-president of the Women's International League (WIL) .
“The Papers of Agnes Maude Royden”. Archives Hub: London Metropolitan University: Women’s Library.
politics Eva Gore-Booth
EGB and Esther Roper were among the organisers of the Women's International Congress held at The Hague. At about the same time they became speakers for the No-Conscription Fellowship .
Lewis, Gifford. Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper: A Biography. Pandora Press.
politics Maude Royden
Through her anti-war activities, MR became involved with the Women's International League (WIL) , a pacifist organisation founded by British women who had attended the Women's International Congress in Amsterdam in 1915. Back in England...


28 June 1899: Caroline Lindsay read her pamphlet The Art...

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28 June 1899

Caroline Lindsay read her pamphletThe Art of Poetry with Regard to Women Writers to the Women's International Congress for their literary meeting.


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