Ida O'Malley

Standard Name: O'Malley, Ida


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Literary responses Ray Strachey
Ida O'Malley (who had reviewed RS 's The Cause before reviewing this book) appreciated the use that Strachey made of her personal knowledge, the lucidity of her narrative, and the grave and limpid beauty of...
Literary responses Ray Strachey
The book received scant but positive critical notice. The Bookman called it a work of unparalleled interest, written with balanced judgement
The Bookman. Hodder and Stoughton.
(1928 Christmas Supplement): 61
and The London Mercury praised RS as an admirable historian...
Literary responses Ray Strachey
Ida O'Malley , in her TLS review, observed that career opportunities for girls were now a topic of urgent practical concern to parents, for whom the question was no longer whether a daughter should work...
Occupation Maude Royden
MR served on the executive committee of the NUWSS along with suffragists Dorothea Rackham , Chrystal Macmillan , Margaret Ashton , Catherine Marshall , Ida O'Malley , Kathleen Courtney , and Isabella Ford . By...
Reception Edith Mary Moore
In 1938, EMM 's name appeared in an early number of Kriticky Mesicnik, a Czech literary periodical edited by Václav Černý (reprinted in 1972 and 1992), in a list of British writers including Rosamond Lehmann
Textual Features Ray Strachey
RS considers here the meanwhile attitude whereby most young women regarded paid work as a stopgap on the road to marriage. She points out that by this date one in five women was continuing her...


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