Henry Noel Brailsford

Standard Name: Brailsford, Henry Noel
Used Form: H. N. Brailsford
Used Form: The Family Endowment Committee


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Occupation Maude Royden
Other members of the committee included MR 's close friend Kathleen Courtney , H. N. Brailsford , Elinor Burns , and Mary Stocks . The committee's report, Equal Pay and the Family: A Proposal for...
politics Constance Lytton
The others included Christabel Pankhurst , Jane Esdon Brailsford , and Emily Davison .
Lytton, Constance. Prisons and Prisoners. Heinemann, 1914.
204, 209
They made their stone-throwing disturbance on a Saturday. The initial charges against CL were assault, wilful damage, and disorderly...
Reception Constance Garnett
Yet her translations created an amazing legacy. D. H. Lawrence , a friend of her husband 's, compared the couple's writing styles in these terms: Edward would rack his brain and suffer while his wife,...
Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
Again she found herself assistant editor, this time of a political journal which was just changing its image as it changed its name from The Labour Leader. By this time she had become well...
Textual Production Eleanor Rathbone
Her fellow members of the committee who produced this work were Mary Stocks , Dr Maude Royden , Kathleen Courtney , Elinor and Emile Burns , and H. N. Brailsford . Their text expanded the...
Textual Production Evelyn Sharp
Another selection of writing by Henry Nevinson appeared in print after long gestation, edited by Henry Noel Brailsford with help from ES : Essays, Poems and Tales, including excerpts from ten of Nevinson's books.
John, Angela V. Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869–1955. Manchester University Press, 2009.


9 December 1909
The Lord Chief Justice ruled in favour of forcible feeding of suffragists, arguing that it was the duty of the prison medical officer to prevent prisoners from committing suicide.
31 January 1910
Militant suffragettes called a truce, anticipating H. N. Brailsford 's efforts to organise an all-party parliamentary conciliation committee to promote the settlement of the women's suffrage question.
Hume, Leslie Parker. The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, 1897-1914. Garland, 1982.
April 1910
The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies passed a resolution supporting the Conciliation Bill proposed by the Conciliation Committee .
18 November 1910
A Women's Social and Political Union deputation protesting against Government inaction on the Conciliation Bill was attacked by police at the House of Commons and 119 were arrested; the day became known as Black Friday.
May 1912
The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies voted to support Labour candidates.