James Thomson

Standard Name: Thomson, James,, 1700 - 1748


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Textual Features Mary Whateley Darwall
In this pastoral elegy the poet links the dead woman with the famous dead: writers, thinkers and artists, Newton , Milton , Thomson , Lely , and Handel .
Textual Features Anna Letitia Barbauld
These are not narratives, but more like dramatised scenes from a child's daily life, with emphasis on food, play, and other pleasures. The vocabulary is limited, inessentials pared away, and the short sentences, often in...
Textual Features Sarah, Lady Piers
Here she praises England (like James Thomson later) for its landscape, climate, and system of government. English weather, in which the seasons succeed each other with calm and regularity, becomes an image for the peaceable...
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
EH 's socio-political allegory stands virtually alone in her oeuvre in its attempt to reproduce the political instrumentality of Manley 's scandal fiction during the reign of Anne.
Ballaster, Ros. Seductive Forms. Women’s Amatory Fiction from 1684 to 1740. Clarendon Press, 1992.
In its witty preface EH presents...
Textual Features Dorothea Celesia
Though the poem, in heroic couplets, turns at the end to praise of virtue, its notion of indolence is more positive than that of James Thomson in The Castle of Indolence, 1748. In leisurely...
Textual Production Jane Johnson
Here JJ mixed the intellectual or spiritual with the practical: the same page bears a recipe for syllabub and the sentiment I had rather be a favourite of Angels than of men, but I believe...
Textual Production Jane Marcet
The Seasons, Stories for Very Young Children, 1832-3, went through many editions. Like James Thomson before her, JM began with winter.
Textual Production Jan Morris
The title comes from James Thomson 's Rule, Britannia, 1740: When Britain first at heaven's command / Arose from out the azure main, her guardian angels sang of ruling the waves, of never being slaves.
Plamondon, Marc R., editor. Representative Poetry Online.
Textual Production Elizabeth Gilding
Her title-page quotes Thomson on the young mind fed by the light of truth, and Virgil on being made a poet. The book cost half a crown and was sold by the author herself at...
Textual Production Elizabeth Smith
This poem moves from Romantic natural description with a touch of Thomson (From ev'ry bough, from ev'ry jutting rock / The chrystals hang;—the torrent's roar has ceas'd, —/ As if that voice which call'd...
Textual Production Medora Gordon Byron
It was in four volumes, from the Minerva Press , with a quotation from Francis Bacon on the title-page, and further chapter-headings from Shakespeare , Swift , Prior , Thomson , Goldsmith , Edward Young
Textual Production Dorothea Primrose Campbell
The volume's subscribers come from Lerwick, London, and places in between. It includes new material as well as most of the poems from Campbell's earlier volume; the same quotation from Thomson adorns the...
Wealth and Poverty Radagunda Roberts
She left the stock, the house, and several keepsakes to her sister, to her nephew Alfred William both her inkstand and her copy of John Hawkesworth 's translation of Fénelon 's Télémaque (apparently recognizing William...


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