Thomas Hardy

Standard Name: Hardy, Thomas
TH was a poet by vocation and became a novelist by profession. The Wessex of his novels has made him arguably a regional novelist. As well as a prolific output in both these forms, he published a unique verse epic bringing together human and supernatural characters, short fiction, a volume for children, and two volumes of actual autobiography masquerading as a biography by his second wife. Since his career as a publishing novelist ran from the 1870s to the 1890s, and his first volume of poetry post-dated his final novel, he has been seen as a Victorian novelist but a mostly twentieth-century poet. This description, however, is not true to the facts of composition. He wrote poetry from early in his life, but did not publish it in volume form until his final novel.


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Literary responses Violet Hunt
Boots the chemist, which operated circulating libraries in its shops, refused to the stock this novel (as it already refused VH 's Sooner or Later) because of its alleged sensationalism.
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster, 1990.
Secor, Marie. “Violet Hunt, Novelist: A Reintroduction”. English Literature in Transition, pp. 25 -34.
VH received...
Literary responses Lucas Malet
Thomas Hardy told LM after reading this novel that she was one of the few authors of the other sex who are not afraid of logical consequences.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
He also said that the wages of...
Literary responses Victoria Cross
Sewell Stokes , in a brief portrait of VC in 1928, described her as one who had at one time been accused of poisoning the purity of British homes with her sordid writings ....
Literary responses Mary Webb
This exemplifies the double-edged nature of MW 's reputation. On the one hand she has become almost synonymous in the public mind with the genre she made famous: the romantic, earthy, rural novel. Her early...
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
May Sinclair thought Madeleine magnificent, having depths & depths of passion & of sheer beauty.
Raitt, Suzanne. May Sinclair: A Modern Victorian. Clarendon Press, 2000.
She also enjoyed the high Victorian melodrama of Mew's reading aloud.
Raitt, Suzanne. May Sinclair: A Modern Victorian. Clarendon Press, 2000.
Despite her efforts to bring The Farmer's...
Literary responses Sheila Kaye-Smith
This novel brought critical and popular acclaim. SKS said that the weeks following its appearance were some of the happiest of her life.
Walker, Dorothea. Sheila Kaye-Smith. Twayne, 1980.
The Times Literary Supplement notice began: No matter what fine work...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
By the time of her death, MEB 's novels had received praise from many great writers of her day, including George Moore , Arnold Bennett , Robert Louis Stevenson and Thomas Hardy . Her astonishingly...
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
Thomas Hardy was very much impressed by the volume, and requested a meeting with CM at his home. He judged her far and away the best living woman poet—who will be remembered when others are...
Literary responses John Oliver Hobbes
More recently, Margaret Maison characterised The School For Saints as a strange mixture of Disraeli , Hardy , Ouida , and Meredith . . . and there are even echoes of the old bigamy novels...
Literary responses Margaret Kennedy
The novel's initial favourable reviews came from an earlier generation of authors, including George Moore , A. E. Housman , Thomas Hardy , Arnold Bennett , J. M. Barrie , and H. G. Wells ...
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
Marianne Moore was quoted on the dust-jacket: This collection is to me extraordinary—unforced, and masterly in a technical way, almost without exception. There are in the style traces of W. B. Yeats and Thomas Hardy
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
CM 's admirers include a long list of writers from Thomas Hardy and Ezra Pound to Virginia Woolf and Marianne Moore .
Literary responses T. S. Eliot
During TSE 's last years he reaped a rich harvest of public honours, both in Britain and internationally. Since then his standing as leading poet of the modernist movement and dominant figure of twentieth-century English...
Literary responses Vita Sackville-West
The enthusiastic review by J. C. Squire was not entirely welcome to VSW , since she regarded Squire as a silly old ass and all that.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin, 1984.
She feared being relegated to the category of...
Literary responses Laurence Hope
Thomas Hardy in the Athenæum wrote that Stars of the Desert had a greater mastery of rhythm . . . and a firmer intellectual grasp than The Garden of Káma, with no loss of...


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