Boots the Chemists


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Reception Violet Hunt
Sooner or Later received (perhaps excessively) high praise from a number of VH 's contemporaries. Marie Belloc Lowndes (daughter of Bessie Rayner Parkes ) wrote in The Merry Wives of Westminster, 1946, that it...
Reception Violet Hunt
Boots the chemist, which operated circulating libraries in its shops, refused to the stock this novel (as it already refused VH 's Sooner or Later) because of its alleged sensationalism.
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Secor, Marie. “Violet Hunt, Novelist: A Reintroduction”. English Literature in Transition, Vol.
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VH received...
Textual Production Pamela Hansford Johnson
PHJ began writing a diary publishing stories and poems in her teens and continued into her adult life. I had always been writing: and for years earning a pittance to supplement my income from the...


1899: Jesse Boot of Boots the Chemists founded...

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Jesse Boot of Boots the Chemists founded the Boots Booklovers Library , hoping to attract customers by adding a lending library to Boots shops.


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