Charles de Montesquieu

Standard Name: Montesquieu, Charles de


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Friends, Associates Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
The circle which ATL gathered as a hostess included, besides Montesquieu (who submitted all his manuscripts to her for comment), Dacier and La Motte , other eminent persons such as writers Marivaux , Fontenelle ,...
Friends, Associates Anne Dacier
AD frequented the salon of the writer Anne-Thérèse de Lambert , where she became well acquainted with Antoine Houdart de La Motte (a combatant on the other side of the Battle of the Ancients and...
Friends, Associates Françoise de Graffigny
She became acquainted with most of the intellectual and cultural leaders of French society. She visited Voltaire and Emilie du Châtelet at Cirey in 1738-9. These two, as well as other Enlightenment figures such as...
Intertextuality and Influence Germaine de Staël
Rousseau , along with Montesquieu , was one of the formative influences on the young GS .
Winegarten, Renee. Mme de Staël. Berg.
Intertextuality and Influence Françoise de Graffigny
Graffigny's novel (often referred to in England as Peruvian Letters) is a tour de force of colonial imagination and a response to her friend Montesquieu 's Lettres Persanes or Persian Letters, 1722. Each...
Intertextuality and Influence Jemima Kindersley
JK 's style is plain, vigorous, and effective. She is consistently attentive to the details of women's lives and to the effects of history, politics, race, and religion in the various cultures she visits. Though...
Occupation Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
In her second rue de Richelieu, residence, ATL established a Tuesday salon which became, especially after 1710, a leader in French society and culture. She sought to emulate the salons of the marquise de Rambouillet
Reception Jemima Kindersley
Historian Karen O'Brien , who expresses regret that the rest of Kindersley's original essays remained unpublished, calls her a notable example of a female disciple of Montesquieu who also appears to have absorbed some elements...
Textual Production Elizabeth Meeke
The title-page specifies several of Du Deffand's correspondents, including Montesquieu and Germaine de Staël . Voltaire 's letters to Du Deffand receive special billing. Meeke presumably also provided the translations of The French Booksellers' Address...
Textual Production Jemima Tautphoeus
She wrote this novel during a long spell of ill health, and felt herself that it was her least successful.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
According to her preface, she obtained all her information from her mother-in-law (who lived in...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Kristeva
This was originally titled from one of its four sections, an address to the person who founded the French organization SOS Racisme . In a context of the spread of neo-Nazism in Europe (including the...


1673: François Poulain (or Poullain) de la Barre...

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François Poulain (or Poullain) de la Barre published at Paris his Cartesian treatise on gender equality, De l'égalité des deux sexes, which was translated into English four years later.

1721: Charles de Montesquieu published Lettres...

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Charles de Montesquieu published Lettres Persanes, which purport to be letters home from a Persian visiting Paris.

By July 1749: Charles de Montesquieu's De l'Esprit des...

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By July 1749

Charles de Montesquieu 's De l'Esprit des loix (in English On the Spirit of Laws: a key Enlightenment text) was published in London.

1755: Maurice-Quentin De La Tour painted Madame...

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Maurice-Quentin De La Tour painted Madame de Pompadour (the Frenchking 's mistress, and a power in the land) sitting at a large (though extremely elegant) desk surrounded by learned folio volumes.


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