Antoine Houdart de La Motte

Standard Name: La Motte, Antoine Houdart de


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Friends, Associates Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
The circle which ATL gathered as a hostess included, besides Montesquieu (who submitted all his manuscripts to her for comment), Dacier and La Motte , other eminent persons such as writers Marivaux , Fontenelle ,...
Friends, Associates Anne Dacier
AD frequented the salon of the writer Anne-Thérèse de Lambert , where she became well acquainted with Antoine Houdart de La Motte (a combatant on the other side of the Battle of the Ancients and...
Literary responses Anne Dacier
For the moment it was Dacier's version which prevailed. Her translation went through three more editions before the end of the century; it was praised by La Motte , and in England influenced Ambrose Philips
Occupation Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
Among the subjects most often canvassed at de Lambert's salon was the querelle des anciens et modernes (the battle of the ancients and moderns). Its leading figures (Anne Dacier , translator of Homer into...
Reception Anne Dacier
This translation made its debut at a time of renewed struggle in the querelle of the ancients and moderns. This debate had arisen in the 1680s, with Boileau maintaining the superiority of ancient culture and...
Textual Production Anne Dacier
AD replied with Des Causes de la Corruption du Goût (offically approved on this day) to the critique of her L'Iliade d'Homère by Antoine Houdart de La Motte in his French verse adaptation and his...


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