François Poulain de la Barre

Standard Name: Poulain de la Barre, François
Used Form: Francois Poulain de la Barre
Used Form: François Poullain de la Barre
Used Form: Francois Poullain de la Barre


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Textual Production Simone de Beauvoir
As epigraph she quoted a statement from the seventeenth-century male Cartesian feminist François Poulain or Poullain de la Barre , pointing out that men are not qualified judges of women, since they are interested parties...


François Poulain (or Poullain) de la Barre published at Paris his Cartesian treatise on gender equality, De l'égalité des deux sexes, which was translated into English four years later.
Someone called A. L. translated François Poulain de la Barre into English as The Woman as Good as the Man; Or, the Equality of Both Sexes.
Charles de Montesquieu published Lettres Persanes, which purport to be letters home from a Persian visiting Paris.
November 1739
The anonymous, probably female Sophia published a pamphlet entitled Woman not Inferior to Man.
An anonymous Lady published Female Rights Vindicated: or The Equality of the Sexes Morally and Physically Proved, a vigorous plea that society should educate women equally with men and offer them a share in...