Mary Ann Kelty

Standard Name: Kelty, Mary Ann
Birth Name: Mary Ann Kelty
Pseudonym: the author of The Favourite of Nature
Pseudonym: M. A. K.
Pseudonym: the author of Visiting My Relations
MAK 's first publications were novels issued in the 1820s (intelligent, pious but not totally unworldly), which had considerable success in Britain, the USA, and Continental Europe. Later the religious element became dominant in her writing, producing devout meditations, moral essays, and tracts, as well as biography or history, and later in life an unusual and appealing blend of the devotional or philosophical genre with autobiography or diary. This mixed genre is one which came back into favour in a somewhat different form in the late twentieth century.


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Friends, Associates Barbara Hofland
BH retained at least one life-long friendship from her Sheffield or Attercliffe days: with the poet and novelist Sarah Pearson , who had been her neighbour there. Pearson's will charged Hofland with the task of...
Friends, Associates Harriet Martineau
HM 's social circle vastly expanded at this time until she knew virtually all the prominent people, particularly the political men, of her day. As she recorded in her Autobiography, however, she refused to...
Intertextuality and Influence Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
The elderly lady, Lady Arabella, represents a chilly view of the English aristocracy. She opens her story with a paean in praise of past times and in dispraise of the present: How interminably long the...
Literary responses Lucy Aikin
The elderly novelist Mary Ann Kelty , reading these proto-feminist sentiments within a few years of their appearance, was sufficiently impressed to record them and quote them in her final publication, though she stressed that...
Literary responses Jane Austen
JA 's early admirers among her fellow women writers constituted a small, select band. They included Sarah Harriet Burney , Anne Grant , Mary Ann Kelty , Maria Callcott , Maria Jane Jewsbury , Harriet Martineau
Literary responses Susan Ferrier
This novel too was a success, if not quite so resoundingly as Marriage (to whose reputation more than one reviewer referred).
Cullinan, Mary. Susan Ferrier. Twayne.
The author's sister Helen (Mrs Kinloch ), an early reader, approached it...
Literary responses Regina Maria Roche
The British Critic (in the only review received by The Children of the Abbey)
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
judged it to be entertaining and well-written. It felt the well-drawn character of Adela to be somewhat too romantic, but...


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