Catherine Fanshawe

Standard Name: Fanshawe, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Maria Fanshawe
Indexed Name: Catherine Maria Fanshawe
Used Form: Catharine Maria Fanshawe
CF wrote mostly in the early nineteenth century, though she began before the end of the old century. She composed private poems and letters (of which only a tiny proportion survive); sophisticated, high-spirited, sharp-tongued parodies; political commentary in poetry; and verse jokes, often at the expense of established writers. Her high reputation during her lifetime was entirely that of an amateur, and so did not long survive.


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Family and Intimate relationships Roxburghe Lothian
RL 's mother, also christened Elizabeth , was née Ker, from the Roxburghe branch of the same family as her future husband. She was the thirteenth of her parents' fourteen children. She is charged by...
Friends, Associates Mary Tighe
Before she left London, MT met there her fellow Irish poet Tom Moore . He subsequently visited her in Dublin and complimented her in verse. She exchanged poems with Barbarina Wilmot (later Lady Dacre) ...
Friends, Associates Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Her many literary friendships, maintained in part by correspondence, included those with Joanna Baillie and Mary Russell Mitford (who first met each other in her drawing-room), Catherine Fanshawe , and Mary Tighe (with whom she...
Friends, Associates Anne Grant
During this trip, AG met Elizabeth Carter , on 16 May 1805. She enjoyed Carter's sense of humour (just the kind, she said, that appealed to her), though she was later surprised (by this time...
Friends, Associates Mary Harcourt
MH and her husband subscribed in 1803 to Poems by the widowed Mrs George Sewell (Mary Sewell) . Other subscribers included Elizabeth Carter , Elizabeth Cobbold , Catherine Fanshawe , Elizabeth Montagu , Arabella Rowden
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Grant
Early in her conception of this project, Grant invoked the Spirit or the Muse of Biography: on what calm elevation dost thou reside, surrounded by the powers of just discrimination, candid discussion, and true delineation...
Textual Features Mary Russell Mitford
MRM here mixed personal gossip, local scene-painting, criticism, and extracts.
Mitford, Mary Russell. Recollections of a Literary Life; or, Books, Places and People. R. Bentley.
She recorded stories of her wide circle, including Felicia Hemans , Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Harriet Martineau , Mary Anne Browne (later Gray) ...
Textual Production Joanna Baillie
Here she gathered together poems by such writers as Walter Scott , George Crabbe , William Wordsworth , Robert Southey , Felicia Hemans (whose work Baillie warmly admired), Anne Grant of Laggan, Anna Maria Porter
Textual Production Ann, Lady Fanshawe
The dedication to the Duchess of Clarence (wife of the third son of George III) was signed by ALF 's descendant Charles Robert Fanshawe , but the publication was said to have been brought about...


1868: Emily Taylor (1795-18), who is remembered...

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Emily Taylor (1795-18), who is remembered for books connected with her school-teaching career, published Memories of some Contemporary Poets, with Selections from their Writings, with a good representation of women among her subjects (from...


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