Whittington Club


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Leisure and Society Eliza Meteyard
She belonged to the Whittington Club , where Mary Howitt urged her in November 1846 to speak to the company.
Woodring, Carl Ray. Victorian Samplers: William and Mary Howitt. University of Kansas Press.
politics Matilda Hays
MH , along with Eliza Meteyard , sat on the council for the Whittington Club , an organization dedicated to self-improvement, and cultural and educational opportunities for women.
Gleadle, Kathryn. The Early Feminists. Macmillan.
Textual Features Eliza Meteyard
This reprint of three stories from the late 1840s contains a biographical introduction. The Nine Hours' Movement, brainchild of George Dawson (who often lectured at the Whittington Club ) campaigned for early closing and improved...


17 February 1847: The Whittington Club (named after the poor...

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17 February 1847

The Whittington Club (named after the poor boy who became Lord Mayor of London) held its first meeting. Unlike traditional gentlemen's clubs, it welcomed women and lower-middle-class men.


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