Keir Hardie

Standard Name: Hardie, Keir
Used Form: James Keir Hardie


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Education Sylvia Pankhurst
SP grew up amidst the political discussions of her parents' home. An intimate friend, politician Keir Hardie , later remarked of this informal education: So that is what is the matter with you! You heard...
Family and Intimate relationships Katharine Bruce Glasier
KBG was devastated by her husband's death, but later she began to experience visions of his continuing presence (as she did of her son's presence after he too died).
Kelly, Gary, and Edd Applegate, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 190. Gale Research.
Glasier, Katharine Bruce. The Glen Book. London.
John Bruce Glasier had...
Family and Intimate relationships Sylvia Pankhurst
While in London she became intimate with the labour politician Keir Hardie , a long-time friend of her parents. He was her lover and, perhaps more importantly, her political mentor from approximately 1904 to 1912...
Family and Intimate relationships Katharine Bruce Glasier
They had met through socialist circles the previous autumn when Keir Hardie invited Conway to a gathering at the Glasier family's home while both were attending the Trades Union Congress meeting in Glasgow.
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited.
Friends, Associates Katharine Bruce Glasier
Her involvement in socialist circles led her to acquaintance with Sidney and Beatrice Webb , Edward Hulton (editor of the Sunday Chronicle), and Robert Blatchford , for whom she wrote several articles.
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited.
Friends, Associates Emmeline Pankhurst
Among those gathering at the Pankhursts' Russell Square salon were William Morris , Annie Besant , Keir Hardie , Tom Mann , and Elizabeth Cady Stanton .
Mitchell, David J. The Fighting Pankhursts: A Study in Tenacity. MacMillan.
Friends, Associates Emmeline Pankhurst
Keir Hardie , a dear friend of EP 's after her husband's death, introduced her to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence , a crucial figure in the revivification of the suffrage movement. Her home in Clement's Inn, in...
Friends, Associates Emma Frances Brooke
EFB 's involvement with the socialist and feminist movements of the day brought her into close contact with several notable activists and revolutionaries. Through the Fabian Society , she interacted with Beatrice and Sidney Webb
Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
During her time with the WSPU, MG worked with Christabel Pankhurst (who was twenty-four when Gawthorpe first met her, before she had yet met Isabella Ford ), whom, like Ethel Snowden , she knew from...
Literary responses Katharine Bruce Glasier
Unfortunately, KBG 's efforts to mediate were not rewarded with concilliation. Instead, her column met with opposition from both suffragette and socialist circles, particularly over its handling of the suffrage issue. Isabella Ford , for...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Christabel Pankhurst had escaped imprisonment by going into hiding in Paris. The Pethick-Lawrences were released on bail on 28 March, and their trial was set for 15 May. It ran until 22 May. The...
politics Amabel Williams-Ellis
AWE and her brother John Strachey , future politician and author, joined the Independent Labour Party (which was founded by Keir Hardie in 1893, gave birth to the Labour Party , and disaffiliated from it...
politics Margaret Harkness
She was an active member of various socialist parties between 1887 and 1891, including the Social Democratic Federation and the Independent Labour Party , though she later called socialism both foolish and wrong.
Goode, John. “Margaret Harkness and the Socialist Novel”. The Socialist Novel in Britain: Towards the Recovery of a Tradition, edited by H. Gustav Klaus, Harvester Press, pp. 45-66.
politics Emmeline Pankhurst
When the Women's Enfranchisement Bill was put forward, parliament defeated it on 12 May 1905. The Labour Party narrowly affirmed a resolution for women's suffrage as part of its platform in 1906, beginning a series...
politics Sylvia Pankhurst
Beginning in 1912, and inspired by Keir Hardie 's dedication to the poor, SP directed her political efforts at improving conditions for Cockney or working women in London's East End; this commitment puzzled her...


7 July 1892: In the British general election of this month,...

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7 July 1892

In the British general election of this month, James Keir Hardie and two other candidates became the first independent Labour Members of Parliament.

13 January 1893: The Independent Labour Party led by James...

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13 January 1893

The Independent Labour Party led by James Keir Hardie , Member of Parliament for West Ham South, was officially founded in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

25 April 1906: Member of Parliament Keir Hardie introduced...

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25 April 1906

Member of Parliament Keir Hardie introduced a resolution on women's suffrage.

19 May 1906: Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, newly-elected...

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19 May 1906

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman , newly-elected Prime Minister, received a deputation of suffragists.

9 December 1909: The Lord Chief Justice ruled in favour of...

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9 December 1909

The Lord Chief Justice ruled in favour of forcible feeding of suffragists, arguing that it was the duty of the prison medical officer to prevent prisoners from committing suicide.

30 July 1932: The Independent Labour Party, increasingly...

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30 July 1932

The Independent Labour Party , increasingly disillusioned with the Labour Party 's movement towards the centre, took a decision to disaffiliate from its own larger and more successful offspring.


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