Tom Mann

Standard Name: Mann, Tom


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Education Sylvia Pankhurst
SP grew up amidst the political discussions of her parents' home. An intimate friend, politician Keir Hardie , later remarked of this informal education: So that is what is the matter with you! You heard...
Friends, Associates Emma Frances Brooke
EFB 's involvement with the socialist and feminist movements of the day brought her into close contact with several notable activists and revolutionaries. Through the Fabian Society , she interacted with Beatrice and Sidney Webb
Friends, Associates Emmeline Pankhurst
Among those gathering at the Pankhursts' Russell Square salon were William Morris , Annie Besant , Keir Hardie , Tom Mann , and Elizabeth Cady Stanton .
Mitchell, David J. The Fighting Pankhursts: A Study in Tenacity. MacMillan.
politics Katharine Bruce Glasier
After their marriage, KBG and her husband, John Bruce Glasier , formed an effective socialist partnership very much like that of Sidney and Beatrice Webb . They maintained their involvement in the Independent Labour Party
politics Katharine Tynan
The Dock Strike had begun in August when unskilled dockworkers, mostly employed on temporary contracts, began unionising. John Burns and Ben Tillett , among others, led the strike, which succeeded in its aims. The workers...


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