Trades Union Congress


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Family and Intimate relationships Katharine Bruce Glasier
They had met through socialist circles the previous autumn when Keir Hardie invited Conway to a gathering at the Glasier family's home while both were attending the Trades Union Congress meeting in Glasgow.
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited, 1971.
politics Edith J. Simcox
Along with Emma Paterson , EJS was one of two women delegates sent to the Trades Union Congress at Glasgow, where she represented the Shirt and Collar Makers .
McKenzie, Keith Alexander, and Gordon S. Haight. Edith Simcox and George Eliot. Oxford University Press, 1961.
politics Clementina Black
CB , representing the London Women's Trades Council , travelled to Bradford for a meeting of the Trades Union Congress , where she proposed that women should have equal wages for labour equivalent to men's.
Glage, Liselotte. Clementina Black: A Study in Social History and Literature. Carl Winter, 1981.
politics Helen Blackburn
By 1881 HB was a delegate to the Trades Union Congress for the British National Union of Working Women .
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
politics Katharine Bruce Glasier
Her opportunities for public speaking soon exploded. She was a Bristol delegate to the first annual conference of the Fabian Society in February this year; in June she was electioneering on behalf of Ben Tillett
politics Rosamond Lehmann
She recalled in a letter of this month a demonstration which was probably the last official one of the campaign: To my pained surprise I found myself committed to walking in a procession down Whitehall...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
By 1936, the Committee advocated state-sponsored lunch programmes in schools, along with the provision of milk for pregnant women and for children under school age. ER was joined in these efforts by the Fabian Barbara Drake
Reception Sylvia Pankhurst
A permanent, visible memorial to SP has proved a contentious issue. Emmeline and Christabel have a statue and plaque near the House of Commons ; Sylvia was felt to be too pacifist and too socialist...
Travel Isabella Ormston Ford
IOF 's involvement in political efforts at social reform led to extensive travel. In 1895, she was a delegate to the International Textile Workers ' Congress at Ghent in Belgium (the first of several attendances...


Jessie Craigen of the Dublin Women's Suffrage Association was a major speaker at the Trade Union Congress in Dublin.
The Trades Union Congress passed its first resolution in support of equal pay.
Spring 1893
Home Secretary Lord Asquith appointed May Abraham and Mary Paterson as the first women factory inspectors.
Mary MacArthur founded the National Federation of Women Workers in England and Scotland.
15 April 1912
The Daily Herald, first newspaper of the Labour Party , was launched on capital of £200; it changed its title to the Herald and back again to the Daily Herald before expiring in 1964.
The Women's Trade Union League merged with the Trades Union Congress with agreement that women would hold two protected seats on the General Council; three more seats were added in 1981.
1 May 1925
British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin was forced by the coal-miners to reverse his decision that, to aid postwar recovery, workers must accept pay reduction.
3 May 1926
The General Strike began in England: all transport workers, as well as those in the heavy industries, the printing and building trades, and gas and electricity companies walked off the job in support of miners...
Late July 1931
In Britain the confusingly-named May committee responded to escalation both in the international financial crisis and mass unemployment at home, by advising draconian cuts in government expenditure.
Equal pay for equal work without distinction of sex became a recognized aim of the Trades Union Congress .
As the longest-serving member of the British Trades Union Congress or TUC general council, lifelong trade unionist Dame Anne Loughlin became the first woman chairman and president of the TUC.
The Electrical Trades Union was expelled from the both the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Labour Party amid allegations of malpractice and ballot-rigging on the part of its Communist leadership.
October 1979
Supporters marched for A Woman's Right to Choose in a demonstration backed by the Trades Union Congress
26 March 2011
The Trades Union Congress or TUC organised a demonstration in London called March for the Alternative—an alternative, that is, to the spending cuts implemented by the coalition government.
Adams, Tim. “United by fears and anger on the long journey south”. Guardian Weekly, p. 15.


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