Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman

Standard Name: Campbell-Bannerman, Sir Henry


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politics Mary Gawthorpe
It was apparently MG who began the action, when Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman refused to meet the suffrage deputation and she sprang on one of the sacred velvet chairs, and began to speak.
Holton, Sandra Stanley. Suffrage Days: Stories from the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Routledge.
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
EPL and her colleagues from the WSPU , including the PankhurstChristabel Pankhurst s and Kenney , presented their arguments for female enfranchisement to Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman .
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline. My Part in a Changing World. Hyperion.
Textual Production Elizabeth De la Pasture
Other women among the signatories were Florence Bell , Elizabeth Robins , and Margaret Louisa Woods . The letter asserts that the entire group were to be received by the Prime Minister, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eva Gore-Booth
A Lost Opportunity and Women's Trades on the Embankment, for instance, reflect EGB 's disappointment over the unsuccessful meeting between the Women's Franchise Deputation and Prime Minister Campbell-Bannerman in May 1906. The latter poem...


5 December 1905: Liberal leader Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman,...

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5 December 1905

Liberal leader Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman , a known supporter of women's suffrage, formed the government of the UK, following the surprise resignation of Conservative Arthur James Balfour .

19 May 1906: Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, newly-elected...

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19 May 1906

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman , newly-elected Prime Minister, received a deputation of suffragists.

23 October 1906: During a demonstration at the opening of...

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23 October 1906

During a demonstration at the opening of Parliament , eleven Women's Social and Political Union supporters were for the first time arrested and imprisoned: for two months in Holloway .

End of January 1908: The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies...

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End of January 1908

The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies sent a deputation to discuss the issue of women's suffrage with Herbert Asquith .

7 April 1908: Herbert Henry Asquith (Liberal) became the...

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7 April 1908

Herbert Henry Asquith (Liberal ) became the British Prime Minister following the resignation of Campbell-Bannerman .


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