Annie Kenney

Standard Name: Kenney, Annie


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Family and Intimate relationships Clara Codd
While at Batheaston (near Bristol), CC and Kenney became very close. They were known to show physical affection and to share a bed. They remained friends until Kenney's death in 1953.
Atkinson, Diane. Rise Up, Women!. Bloomsbury Publishing.
Codd, Clara. So Rich a Life. Caxton Limited.
48, 60
Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
During her time with the WSPU, MG worked with Christabel Pankhurst (who was twenty-four when Gawthorpe first met her, before she had yet met Isabella Ford ), whom, like Ethel Snowden , she knew from...
Friends, Associates Constance Lytton
Mary Neal , a leader in the folk-dance revival and joint founder with Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence of the Esperance Club for working girls, invited CL to holiday with herself and some of the girls in autumn...
Friends, Associates Constance Lytton
From two days after her stroke until September 1918 she had the joy of a perfect nurse,Nurse Oram .
Lytton, Constance. Letters of Constance Lytton. Editor Elizabeth Edith, Countess of Balfour, Heinemann.
That summer CL realised that we loved each other, and no mistake. From that...
Friends, Associates Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
October 1906, with the prospect of the re-opening of parliament, was full of suffrage activity for EPL and her husband. They had Christabel Pankhurst as a permanent guest at Clements Inn, occupying an office below...
Occupation Clara Codd
In the summer of 1908 she went to Bristol to work for Kenney . Along with other women including Mary Blathwayt , CC campaigned for the WSPU . She went on to become the second-in-command...
politics Eva Gore-Booth
EGB and Esther Roper again offered some support to Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney after their landmark protest at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 13 October 1905. But in 1906, they and other...
politics Constance Lytton
CL wrote later that the scales of ignorance began to be lifted from her eyes about the importance of the vote for women when Annie Kenney told her that as a working-class woman she had...
politics Christabel Pankhurst
Armed with a home-made banner reading Votes for Women
Castle, Barbara. Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst. Penguin.
(the first public use of the phrase), CP and Annie Kenney interrupted a Liberal meeting at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester.
Winslow, Barbara, and Sheila Rowbotham. Sylvia Pankhurst: Sexual Politics and Political Activism. UCL Press.
Castle, Barbara. Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst. Penguin.
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
EPL and her colleagues from the WSPU , including the PankhurstChristabel Pankhurst s and Kenney , presented their arguments for female enfranchisement to Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman .
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline. My Part in a Changing World. Hyperion.
politics Clara Codd
After attending her first WSPU meeting, CC was drawn to Annie Kenney . This influenced her joining the WSPU and later the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies .
Crawford, Elizabeth. The Women’s Suffrage Movement. the Taylor & Francis Group.
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
At the height of the suffrage movement, EPL spoke in connection with the largest procession to date, at the Albert Hall. So did Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst , Annie Kenney , Annie Besant ...
politics Clara Codd
Around 1903 when CC joined the Theosophists, she also became a member of the Social Democratic Federation .
Crawford, Elizabeth. The Women’s Suffrage Movement. the Taylor & Francis Group.
On her return from Ireland to Bath, where her family had moved, she became involved...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
The Pethick-Lawrences returned from South Africa not only because of the prospect of an election but because two women, Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney , had been thrown into jail in October 1905 for shouting...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
EPL became involved in the WSPU after Keir Hardie introduced her to the Pankhursts, including Sylvia (Christabel's younger sister), and to Annie Kenney , in February 1906. Kenney, at Hardie's urging, persuaded EPL to become...


23 October 1906: During a demonstration at the opening of...

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23 October 1906

During a demonstration at the opening of Parliament , eleven Women's Social and Political Union supporters were for the first time arrested and imprisoned: for two months in Holloway .

11 December 1906: Millicent Garrett Fawcett gave a banquet...

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11 December 1906

Millicent Garrett Fawcett gave a banquet at the Savoy Hotel in London to celebrate the release from Holloway Prison of suffragists arrested on 23 October.

21 June 1908: The Women's Social and Political Union organised...

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21 June 1908

The Women's Social and Political Union organised a Woman's Sunday which involved (according to the Times estimate) between 250,000 and 500,000 people, mostly women. The WSPU called it Britain's largest-ever political meeting.

30 October 1909: Rose Lamartine Yates planted a tree in Annie's...

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30 October 1909

Rose Lamartine Yates planted a tree in Annie's Arboretum (named from Annie Kenney ), a commemorative landscape project begun by Emily and Mary Blathwayt at their home, Eagle House at Batheaston, which offered refuge...

28 March 1912: The Conciliation Bill (on suffrage) was defeated...

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28 March 1912

The Conciliation Bill (on suffrage) was defeated in a House of Commons vote, after passing its second reading (the previous year) with a huge majority.

9 October 1915: Christabel Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst,...

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9 October 1915

Christabel Pankhurst , Emmeline Pankhurst , Flora Drummond , and Annie Kenney edited the first issue of Britannia, a weekly suffragette periodical and organ of the Women's Social and Political Union formerly known as The Suffragette.

November 1917: The Women's Social and Political Union became...

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November 1917

1924: Leading suffragist Annie Kenney published...

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Leading suffragist Annie Kenney published Memoirs of a Militant, a book bound in WSPU colours: purple cloth, with white and green stripes.


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