George Rylands

Standard Name: Rylands, George


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Dedications Rosamond Lehmann
At the time she began the novel, RL admitted that she had very little knowledge of contemporary women's writing other than May Sinclair 's. She dedicated this work to Dadie Rylands , who had advised...
Friends, Associates E. B. C. Jones
Her Cambridge friends included such literary names as Rosamond Lehmann and George (Dadie) Rylands .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Friends, Associates Rosamond Lehmann
While younger than the principal figures and sometimes inclined to feel herself marginal, RL was positioned well within the Bloomsbury group. She was close friends with another younger associate, George Rylands . During the early...
Occupation Virginia Woolf
Once the press was repaired they printed their handbill. Their first book (Two Stories, containing Virginia's The Mark on the Wall and Leonard's Three Jews) had to be set up and printed...
politics Nancy Cunard
Destined by birth and her mother's lifestyle for the life of a debutante, patron of the arts, and society hostess, NC began at an early age to carve out a quite different role. Early in...
Textual Features Anne Ridler
Her introduction to the first selection, she said later, was more influenced by Coleridge than by Charles Williams .
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
It was an important feature of the volume, ranging itself alongside such prestigious Shakespeare critics...
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Using colours inspired by his Crown Derby china, she painted George Dadie Rylands 's rooms at King's College, Cambridge that same year. She painted rooms for Dorelia John , Rosamond Lehmann , and Julia Strachey
Travel Rosamond Lehmann
RL and Wogan Philipps toured France with Lytton Strachey and George Rylands .
Siegel, Ruth. Rosamond Lehmann: A Thirties Writer. Peter Lang.


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