Florence Fenwick Miller

Standard Name: Miller, Florence Fenwick


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Education Anna Kingsford
She had been inspired to discover more about medical research after publishing an anti-vivisection letter from Frances Power Cobbe in her journal, The Lady's Own Paper.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
In preparation for her studies, AK dabbled with...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Kingsford
At first, AK 's mother opposed the marriage, insisting that she must instead marry a unnamed elderly man with a wealthy background. However, after she and her cousin eloped unchaperoned, consent was granted for them...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Kingsford
Maitland appeared to be strongly devoted to AK throughout her lifetime, assisting her as she pursued her medical studies, encouraging her efforts to speak out against vivisection, and taking care of her when she fell...
Family and Intimate relationships Augusta Webster
The marriage was likely a happy one, although Florence Fenwick Miller recalled AW telling her that she had never been in love, and that she did not understand any reason for marrying except an...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Power Cobbe
In the Woman's Signal, their friend Florence Fenwick Miller condoled with FPC on the loss of her special woman friend.
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press.
Friends, Associates Augusta Webster
She also knew Frances Power Cobbe , Vernon Lee , Florence Fenwick Miller , and Mabel Robinson (likely, too, her sister A. Mary F. Robinson , who also wrote for the Athenæum at the same...
Friends, Associates Isabella Banks
The actress Mrs M'Gibbon , known as the Manchester Mrs Siddons , was a close friend of IB 's family.
Burney, Edward Lester. Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks. E. J. Morten.
IB 's relationship with Florence Fenwick Miller developed from a professional into a personal...
Literary responses Anna Kingsford
Despite this unfavourable mainstream review, the work exerted a lasting influence in vegetarian and alternative religious circles: After first reading Henry Salt 's Plea for Vegetarianism, Mahatma Gandhi went on to rank AK 's...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
Feminist Florence Fenwick Miller , in a Sunday lecture in the year following HM 's death, represented her as one of the shining lights of our time, whose life was one of the most remarkable...
Literary responses Augusta Webster
In the 1870s and 1880s AW was mentioned in periodicals on both sides of the Atlantic—in Harper's and Scribner's, for instance, as well as in English publications—as one of the leading women poets of...
Occupation Henrietta Müller
Around 1890 or 1891 it changed its name to The Woman's Herald, though it continued to be edited by Müller until she moved to India. Her sister Eva Maria McLaren subsequently took the...
Occupation Mary Frances Billington
She worked successively on The Globe, the Southern Echo (published in Southampton), the national Echo, and the Daily Graphic.
Brake, Laurel, and Marysa Demoor, editors. Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism In Great Britain and Ireland. Academia Press.
She was an admirer of the work of Florence Fenwick Miller ...
Publishing Isabella Ormston Ford
On 23 April 1892 IOF contributed an article entitled Women and the Labour Party to a special series for the Leeds Times on Social and Political Questions by Representative English Women. Other notable contributors...
Textual Features Isabella Banks
The character of Hesta Stapleton in this novel strongly resembles IB 's doctor and life-long friend, Mrs Florence Fenwick Miller .
Burney, Edward Lester. Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks. E. J. Morten.
Textual Production Anna Kingsford
While compaigning for suffrage, AK owned and edited The Lady's Own Paper for a period of about three months, using her married name, Mrs Algernon Kingsford.
Sources disagree about the length of her editorship (as...


4 January 1894: The Woman's Signal: a Weekly Record and Review...

Women writers item

4 January 1894

The Woman's Signal: a Weekly Record and Review devoted to the interests of women in the home and in the wider world (successor to Henrietta Müller 's Women's Penny Paper) issued its first number...

4 January 1894: Lady Henry Somerset and Annie E. Holdsworth...

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4 January 1894

Lady Henry Somerset and Annie E. Holdsworth published in London the first issue of the Woman's Signal, a weekly magazine addressing temperance issues, and also broader topics such as suffrage, working conditions, and domestic violence.

23 March 1899: The Woman's Signal, a temperance periodical,...

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23 March 1899

The Woman's Signal, a temperance periodical, ceased publication in London.


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