Laurence Alma-Tadema

Standard Name: Alma-Tadema, Laurence
Birth Name: Laurence Alma-Tadema
Indexed Name: Laurence Alma Tadema
Used Form: Lawrence Alma-Tadema
LAT wrote in many genres during the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. She contributed to various periodicals (including The Yellow Book) and published her own collections of stories and poems, as well as two novels, songs (usually to a specific musical score), and volumes or pamphlets of drama and translation. She also edited a periodical. Her characteristic tone is one of intense emotion, but in prose and verse she has the gift of compression. Many of her works were privately printed and are now very rare. Research on her is urgently needed.


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Friends, Associates Frances Hodgson Burnett
Her newly-made friends from 1887-9 included the writer Israel Zangwill in London, Prime Minister W. E. Gladstone and his wife in Florence. Back in the USA she made another friend-as-collaborator, the dramatic-rights agent Elisabeth Marbury
Friends, Associates Pauline Johnson
In London, PJ visited and recited poetry before Edward Burne-Jones , George Frederic Watts , Frederic Leighton , Lawrence Alma-Tadema , and Jerome K. Jerome , among others.
Keller, Betty. Pauline: A Biography of Pauline Johnson. Douglas and McIntyre.
Reception Mary Angela Dickens
Another Freak, also published in MAD 's collection Some Women's Ways, is reprinted in Nineteenth-Century Short Stories by Women (1998) alongside works by both well-known and obscure authors, including Maria Edgeworth , Mary Shelley
Textual Features Lady Margaret Sackville
Textual Production Margery Lawrence
ML first appeared in print when her father published her volume of early poetry, Songs of Childhood, and Other Verses.
The Feminist Companion says she was sixteen at the time of publication, having dated...
Travel Constance Smedley
From the beginning CS saw her enterprise as cosmopolitan, designed for promoting understanding between different nations and cultures. She travelled widely in order to set up clubhouses in other European countries: in the Netherlands (Amsterdam...


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