Romain Rolland

Standard Name: Rolland, Romain


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Dedications Vernon Lee
VL dedicated The Ballet of the Nations to Romain Rolland , whose pacifism she admired greatly. Peace With Honour was published in association with the Union of Democratic Control , an anti-war organization which she...
Education Dora Carrington
Carrington began to alter herself in other ways also. During her first term at the Slade she began to go by her surname only.
Hill, Jane, and Michael Holroyd. The Art of Dora Carrington. Herbert Press.
Excitement about her new surroundings and acquaintances prompted her to...
Friends, Associates Lucas Malet
In later life LM had many friends among European writers and artists, and British expatriates in Europe, including the man of letters Romain Rolland , the playwright Louis Napoleon Parker , and the popular novelist...
Occupation Kathleen E. Innes
Among those drafted to form the Mandate's Honorary Council in Britain were prominent politicians, clergy, feminists, and writers such as Margaret Ashton , Margaret Bondfield , Vera Brittain , Arthur Henderson , Laurence Housman ,...
politics Violet Hunt
During the summer and autumn of 1921, VH helped her friend and colleague C. A. Sappho Dawson Scott with the establishment of the P.E.N. Club (later PEN International ), originally a writers' association designed to...
Travel Kathleen E. Innes
Its success helped secure for future schools such high-profile speakers as Bertrand Russell , Hermann Hesse , Emily Greene Balch , Romain Rolland , Georges Duhamel , and Paul Birukoff (Tolstoy 's secretary and biographer).
Harvey, Kathryn. "Driven by War into Politics": A Feminist Biography of Kathleen Innes. University of Alberta.


1904-1912: Romain Rolland published Jean-Christophe...

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Romain Rolland published Jean-Christophe in fifteen parts in Cahiers de la quinzaine.

1907: Romain Rolland published Vies des hommmes...

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Romain Rolland published Vies des hommmes illustres. Beethoven.


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